Which combat style to choose in Lies of P

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The three combat styles you can choose in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P
September 18, 2023: Your combat style sets the tone for your Lies of P playthrough. Get some advice before the game's full launch tomorrow!

Find out which combat style to choose in Lies of P to suit your play preferences! There are a lot of important decisions to make in Lies of P that will change how your journey through Krat plays out, and your combat style is a big one. Whether you prefer to be elusive, all guns blazing, or balanced in your approach to beating up puppets, the game has something for everyone.

Your combat style will be the first major decision that you will make in Lies of P, and it's one that should be made after some careful consideration. There is an opportunity to respec later in the game, but you will be tied to your chosen combat style for a significant amount of the story. The game is not easy, especially if you haven't built your Pinocchio around your gaming strengths, so choose wisely!

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The three combat style options from Lies of P.
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Credit: Lies of P
Choose your weapon!

Which combat style should you choose in Lies of P?

You will have three choices of combat when starting your Lies of P journey. You can choose the path of the Cricket, Bastard, or Sweeper. Here is a brief breakdown of each style.

The Path of the Cricket

Ah, so you have chosen the Path of the Cricket, young grasshopper? The key word with this combat style is balance, so you'll get a little of both when deciding between strength or agility.

The Path of the Cricket will be the most appealing combat style for gamers new and experienced because it doesn't lean too far in one direction or another in a game that requires power and mobility.

This will likely be the most commonly used combat style, and rightfully so, but if you have previous experience with soulslike games and rely more heavily on the power of your strikes or the speed of your dodges, then it is definitely worth playing to your strengths.

The Path of the Bastard

If you walk the Path of the Bastard, you'll be giving up some of your health bar in exchange for a greater stamina capacity. Essentially, this means that you will rely primarily on dodging enemy attacks to protect yourself.

This is perhaps the better option if you lean toward a less balanced combat approach, purely because using your block to divert damage requires frequently timing a perfect block in order to be effective. If you often find yourself craving speed on the battlefield, walk this path.

The Path of the Sweeper

For the ferocious and merciless, the Path of the Sweeper is built for players who put power above all else. It has the highest health of all style options but the lowest stamina, which may actually be a greater detriment to the style than any others experienced with the Cricket or Bastard.


Using a heavy weapon in Lies of P will use a significant amount of stamina, which means that combat will be noticeably more laboured. That's not to say that this style isn't effective, but it will require being selective about when you strike to ensure your stamina management is up to the task.

The Path of the Sweeper is designed for the more experienced players as you are dependent on perfecting your block as a means of survival. Blocking in general will use up some of your health (with the opportunity to get it back) and potentially stagger you, leaving you vulnerable. If you choose this path, practice your techniques and timing as much as possible!

We hope that helps you decide which combat style to choose in Lies of P! For more Lies of P guides, take a look at how to upgrade your weapons.

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