What to do with Rare Ergo in Lies of P

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The main menu image from Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P
September 19, 2023: Learn from our mistakes and consider your options with Rare Ergo with Lies of P out now!

Have you finally claimed the scalp of one of Lies of P's notoriously tough bosses? Then you'll no doubt have received a healthy dose of the game's currency, with a Rare Ergo fragment. Ready to consume and spend? WAIT! Read this first, as we explain what you can do with Rare Ergo in Lies of P.

Ergo is a common resource in Lies of P and has several benefits. Primarily, it's used as a form of currency and can be a means of improving Pinocchio's performance, as well as his weapons and items. Rare Ergo is, well, a rare resource that is dropped by the game's bosses. Read on to find out what your options are when acquiring these items.

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Pinocchio and Alidoro from Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
The boy who saw wolf...and traded with him

What to do with Rare Ergo in Lies of P

Like any other Ergo Fragments that you find on the lifeless bodies of your puppet adversaries in Lies of P, you do have the option to instantly consume your Rare Ergo Fragments to receive a boost in your currency that is unmatched by its regular counterparts. While this will seem the most logical use for Rare Ergo, there is actually an alternative use for it that doesn't become clear until you've defeated the third boss in the game.

In the Cathedral of St. Frangelico, you will find a great balcony following your conquest over the Corrupted Archbishop. Standing at the edge of the balcony overlooking the scenery below you will find a Stalker with the head of a dog, by the name of Alidoro. He introduces himself as a treasure hunter and asks if you know of any safe places he can seek refuge. This is an opportunity to tell the truth and tell him about Hotel Krat, or lie and direct him to Venigni's Factory.

After the initial dialogue with Alidoro, you'll be able to speak to him and look at his wares. It's here that you can use the Rare Ergo you've collected. Each Rare Ergo has a specific title, so it can only be used once. For each of the first three bosses you defeated, you can use their Rare Ergo to purchase a choice between a new weapon, or an amulet to boost your defensive capabilities. It's a tough choice and you can only buy one or the other, so choose wisely.

Unfortunately for those, myself included, who didn't know about this option prior to meeting the Stalker, any Rare Ergo that is consumed is lost and can't be reclaimed, given the bosses are now dead. A gut-wrenching discovery, but something to bear in mind when playing through again to get an alternative ending.

That's all we know about Lies of P's Rare Ergo! For more tips and tricks, find out if you can recover Ergo you lost when you died and take our advice on which combat style to choose!

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