How to upgrade weapons in Immortals of Aveum

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A serene village in Immortals of Aveum
August 22, 2023: The game's out today, so brush up on how to upgrade weapons in Immortals of Aveum.

Find out here how to upgrade weapons in Immortals of Aveum! In Immortals of Aveum, your hand is your greatest weapon as protagonist Jak uses a variety of magical powers to dispatch his enemies. Using the three main magic types - red, green, and blue - he can use Sigils to focus their energy on adversaries.

Sigils are the main source of offence in Immortals of Aveum, however there are other items such as totems and rings that can significantly enhance various facets of combat to help Jak along the way. All of the items that Jak can equip can be improved if you visit the right place and have the necessary materials, so read on to find out how!

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Where weapons can be upgraded in Immortals of Aveum

If you are looking to make improvements to your weapons in Immortals of Aveum, then you will need to visit a Forge. These are cube-shaped vendors that are scattered throughout Aveum that Jak can visit. Forges are not just used for upgrading weapons, you can also buy new items or have items you are not using dismantled in exchange for gold and resources.

Forges are the home for more than just weapons. You are able to purchase, upgrade, or dismantle your Sigils as well as totems, rings, and bracers, all of which can provide statistical boosts to improve Jak’s performance in combat. It will take some time before these vendors become available, however once you have a grasp on the gameplay basics and how weapons work, forges will become available after the opening chapters of the game have been completed.

Upgrading weapons will require different types of materials to achieve. The most commonly required resources are gold and coloured essence. Fortunately, these can be collected as you progress through the story by defeating enemies and opening crates. Essence has specific colours to coincide with their magic type, so it is worth noting that, for example, red weapons can only be upgraded with red essence.

The main antagonist from Immortals of Aveum, Sandrakk
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Beating Sandrakk will require a high-powered arsenal

Other methods of improving weapons in Immortals of Aveum

While forges are the main way to upgrade weapons and items that Jak uses on his travels, you should also take note of how Talents can improve the performance of his gear. There are a number of talents that can be upgraded that are specific to areas such as weapon damage, which will be just as effective as the forge upgrades with the added bonus that talent upgrades aren’t specific to one weapon.


Talents are split according to the type of magic being used, so you have the option to focus on a favoured magic colour or upgrade them all in a more balanced approach. When it comes to weapons, there are specific areas in each upgrade tree that you can visit to improve them specifically. For the most basic Sigil attacks, improvements can be made by looking at the section at the bottom-left of each magic colour’s skill tree.

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