How to get gold fast in Immortals of Aveum

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Hundreds of characters on the battlefield in Immortals of Aveum
Credit: Electronic Arts

With a bunch of gear and consumables to buy in the game, it's crucial to know how to get gold fast in Immortals of Aveum. The game has a fairly wide variety of currencies, but gold is the most common, and thus very much in demand to progress in the game.

Since Immortals of Aveum is not an open-world game, it doesn't provide that much space for grinding. However, we still have some tips for you to get as much gold as possible in your playthrough!

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How to farm gold in Immortals of Aveum

Although it may seem that gold can be found in every corner, as you progress through Immortals of Aveum, you're likely to experience its shortage. To get as much gold as possible, make sure to do the following:

  1. Every time you kill an enemy, make sure to hoover up everything dropped by them. It often happens that in a rush you may miss some of this currency, which is never ideal.
  2. While completing missions, it is essential to check every nook and cranny, trying your best to find boxes or crates with glowing gold circles on them. We assure you, destroying these loot boxes is one of the best ways to farm gold in Immortal of Aveum.
  3. And last but not least, don't forget to sell all the unwanted gear you have in your inventory. As you progress, you will definitely find new, better equipment, and there is no reason to keep the old gear, so just go and sell it.
Immortals of Aveum: Green liquid
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Credit: Electronic Arts

How to spend gold in Immortals of Avenum

You will need to spend gold for three main reasons in Immortals of Aveum:

  1. Buy gear
  2. Purchase consumables
  3. Upgrade your equipment

All currencies in Immortals of Aveum

Besides gold, Immortals of Aveum features different essences, which are considered a more valuable resource, used to alter your magical weaponry. You can see the list below:

  • Blue Essence
  • Red Essence
  • Green Essence
  • Legendary Essence

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