How to fast travel in Immortals of Aveum

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A landscape image of the leylines in Aveum
Credit: Immortals of Aveum

Experiencing the many huge locations in Immortals of Aveum? Find out here how you can zip across the various environments in the game in our guide on how to fast travel in Immortals of Aveum.

The game features ten different locations that you can explore as Jak, a rare Triarch Magni, as he attempts to put an end to the Everwar and save Aveum from its pending doom. Walking the different maps in the game can be very time-consuming, but there is a trick to fast travelling in the game that will make traversing Aveum far more efficient.

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How to fast travel in Immortals of Aveum

To fast travel in Immortals of Aveum, you will simply need to approach an active portal and press the indicated button. This will open a menu with the game’s various maps, from which you can select the world and specific checkpoint you wish to travel to. It is also worth noting that the number of golden chests and Shroudfanes in each area are shown, with the number collected and total number both indicated in the top-right corner.

There are many different environments in Immortals of Aveum that the game’s protagonist, Jak, must explore in his pursuit to end the Everwar. Some of these are connected to one another and can be directly accessed, however there are others that require additional effort to reach. Thanks to the many portals scattered throughout the world, you can quickly relocate to another area in a heartbeat.

Portals are easily identifiable structures in Immortals of Aveum, evident by their huge stone standing circles which are filled with a bright energy field. These will not always be active and may require further game progression, however it is simple to differentiate between the active and inactive portals by the presence of this energy field.

A landscape image of one of the locations in Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Fast traveling will have you darting from one location to another in no time.

How to unlock fast travel points in Immortals of Aveum

The fast travel portals in Immortals of Aveum are unlocked as you progress through the game’s narrative and gradually explore each location. Some of these will be unlocked automatically as you enter the area where the portal is located, however there are others that will need Jak to clear the area or overcome the location's main challenge to unlock.

Other ways to travel in Immortals of Aveum


There is one alternative way to cover ground quickly in Immortals of Aveum, which are the leylines. These are magical strands of energy that flow above the ground and can be ridden like an ocean current. While these are efficient ways to move around, they are not as effective as fast travelling, and are limited to only being able to transport Jak within the current location he is in. You will need to play through a significant amount of the story before this option becomes available, but it is a unique and thrilling experience unique to the game.

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