Can you aim down sights in Immortals of Aveum?

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The main character from Immortals of Aveum, Jak
Credit: Immortals of Aveum
August 22, 2023: The game lands this week, so check out if you can aim down sights in Immortals of Aveum.

Ever wondered what it would be like to combine magic with a first-person shooter? Look no further, as Electronic Arts brings Immortals of Aveum to the table. Learn more about the game and how it mimics features of the popular genre and find out if you can aim down sights in Immortals of Aveum.

Taking control of Jak, a newly-discovered powerful magic user, players will attempt to put an end to the long-lasting Everwar and save the planet from the game’s main antagonist, Sandrakk. With three different magic types to use and a wealth of different weapon variants, being able to aim down sights could be handy.

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Can you aim down sights in Immortals of Aveum?

Despite being a first-person shooting title, one omission in Immortals of Aveum is the ability for the player to aim down sights. This is perhaps one feature that doesn’t entirely make sense considering the game’s weapons are attached to the character’s hand, so this will be something you will need to adjust to. With that said, it does provide an additional fun challenge for players as they will need to get their positioning and timing just right to dispatch their adversaries.

Despite this missing feature, the gameplay mechanics in Immortals of Aveum are relatively user-friendly, with some of the game’s weapons actually supporting players in hitting their intended target. Most green magic Sigils have homing projectiles, which leave more than enough room for error when engrossed in combat. Similarly, the red magic Sigils work like a magic equivalent of a shotgun, allowing a large area of effect to cause significant damage to any enemies within its radius.

Gameplay screenshot from Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Jak uses powerful Sigils to unleash a flurry of magical attacks

Attacking in Immortals of Aveum

Isstead of a zoomed-in aiming feature, players will be able to make use of totems to give Jak an upper hand in battle. By using the button that would usually be reserved for aiming, you can use a number of different additional skills to gain an advantage or escape otherwise difficult combat situations. For example, using the green totem in a fight will allow Jak to disperse Limpels, which will significantly slow the movements of an enemy, which allows him to safely get out of harm's way while unleashing an offensive sequence of his own.

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