How to save in Immortals of Aveum

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Immortals of Aveum: Green liquid
Credit: Electronic Arts
August 22, 2023: Immortals of Aveum launches this week, so check out how to save in our guide!

It is important to know how to save in Immortals of Aveum before you decide to take a break and exit the game. In most games, you can do this in the settings or by using a certain checkpoint, but Immortals of Aveum works a little bit differently, and below you will learn how.

You will definitely need to save the game and not just once, unless you are a speedrunner, of course. There is nothing more disappointing than killing a tough boss and then going into the game and seeing that the progress has not been saved.

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The character is using a spell in Immortals of Aveum.
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Credit: Electronic Arts

How to save in Immortals of Aveum

You have probably noticed that there is no button in the menu option to save, and this is what makes most players confused. But the thing is that there are particular trigger-events in the game that makes the game save automatically. This is how it works:

  1. You will need to play through the game until you reach a certain important event, fight with a boss, or a cutscene.
  2. In most cases, right after this, you will see your game being saved.
  3. To see if this happened or not, just look in the upper-right corner of the screen. You should see four rotating squares there, which indicate that the game has been saved. It'll even show the words "Game Saved" when it's done so.

Thankfully, the checkpointing is quite friendly, so you never lose much progress when you die. Losing to a boss just before you beat it and having to start over again is the only time it gets frustrating, but that's to be expected. And if you want to read more guides, please check our article on whether Immortals of Aveum is an open-world game.

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