What to do with red, green, and blue essence in Immortals of Aveum

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The main menu image for Immortals of Aveum, featuring main character Jak
Credit: Immortals of Aveum
August 22, 2023: If you're brushing up on the game's mechanics prior to launch, check out what to do with the various essences in Immortals of Aveum.

Read on to find out what to do with red, green, and blue essence in Immortals of Aveum! Immortals of Aveum has a number of unique features, one of which is the mysterious presence of essence. This is one of the most commonly found collectables in the game, and varies in colour.

The main character in Immortals of Aveum, Jak, is a rare Triarch Magni, which means he can harness the power of Aveum’s three main types of magic. This is reflected in the different types of coloured essence in the game and links directly to Jak’s ability to realise the full potential of his abilities.

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How to find coloured essence in Immortals of Aveum

Along with gold, essence is one of the most common items found within Immortals of Aveum, however it is not initially evident what the resources are used for. It comes in three colours, which reflect the three different magic types in Aveum.

Red, green, and blue essence can primarily be found in two main areas. The first of these is the many crates scattered throughout Aveum. They come in various shapes and sizes and are identifiable by the glowing yellow orb in their centre. Most of these can be broken with a magic projectile or melee strike, but there are some more valuable crates that need to be manually opened. The contents of each crate will vary but you can expect to see health and mana crystals as well as essence as potential rewards.

The other source of essence is the enemies that Jak faces. Almost all adversaries in the game have a distinct dominant colour which signify the magic type they specialise in. The colour they are glowing will indicate the type of magical energy they use and, in extension, what type of essence currently resides within them. When Jak brings their lives to an untimely end, it is common that the essence in them will be released for him to absorb.

In-game footage from Immortals of Aveum showing Jak casting a spell with red magic
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Essence plays a pivotal role in improving Jak's abilities

What do red, green, and blue essences do in Immortals of Aveum?

Much like gold, essence works as a form of currency in Immortals of Aveum. After completing some of the earlier chapters of the story, you will be able to access the Forge, where you can buy, upgrade, and dismantle items in exchange for the resources they contain.


It is at the Forge where coloured essence comes in handy. Using a combination of essence and gold, you will be able to either purchase new items to bolster Jak’s loadout, or upgrade items you already own to improve their performance. The colour of the essence is important, as it can only be used to purchase or improve items that contain magic of the corresponding colour.

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