How to destroy coloured crystals in Immortals of Aveum

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A close up image of the secondary antagonist from Immortals of Aveum, the Hand of Sandrakk
Credit: Immortals of Aveum

Have you found red coloured crystals in Immortals of Aveum but cannot figure out what to do with them? We’ve got you covered in our guide on how to destroy coloured crystals in the game.

Given Immortals of Aveum hints at you as to which magic you should use according to the colour of the target, the odd red crystals you encounter along the way may have players scratching their heads as attacking them with red magic is ineffective. We’ll explain what to do with this because, while a magic strike won’t damage them, there is a source of red magic that can shatter them in a heartbeat.

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How to destroy coloured crystals in Immortals of Aveum

Red coloured crystals are scattered throughout Aveum and will provide an element of mystery for players as they attempt to discover how to destroy them. The answer to this lies in the progression of the story, as Jak will require additional skills to break open these magical resources.

In order to shatter the crystals, Jak will need to acquire the red totem and upgrade its skills until it is able to interact with crystals. This totem will also work on the Refract Prisms, which are the ball-like crystals that you find where there are puzzles.

To destroy the crystals, you need only aim the totem at the crystal and hit the totem interaction button. This will project a thin beam of energy which will charge up the crystal until it explodes.

The reward for destroying these is not significant and will generally mimic what you can find in crates, such as magic or mana crystals. While this may not be significant, you can never have too many of these consumables available, particularly during tough combat sequences.

The player looking at a red crystal in Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
With the right tool, you'll be turning red crystals to dust in no time!

How to acquire the item to destroy crystals

Destroying crystals requires Jak to acquire the red totem, which is the third and final totem he will discover as the story progresses. This means that it will take some time to obtain, so be prepared to focus on the narrative progression first before you can use this item.


The red totem enables Jak to cast the Disrupt control spell, which can interfere with enemy spell casting. Once this has been acquired, an opportunity soon after will present itself for you to upgrade the skill further to perform the Refract augment spell. With this spell at hand, Jak will be able to turn coloured crystals to dust.

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