How to beat Sandrakk in Immortals of Aveum

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The final boss in Immortals of Aveum, Sandrakk
Credit: Immortals of Aveum

In the bid to end the Everwar, Jak will need to overcome his greatest challenge yet! If you’re finding this formidable foe to be more than you can handle, take a look at our guide on how to beat Sandrakk in Immortals of Aveum!

Torn apart by the long-standing battle that wages between Rasharn and Lucium, Aveum is on the brink of destruction as the result of the Everwar and the Wound that threatens to swallow the world whole. For main character Jak, a rare Triarch Magni, it is now or never if he wants to put an end to the war and the iron grip that tyrant Sandrakk has on the country.

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How to beat Sandrakk in Immortals of Aveum

Like Jak, the main antagonist in Immortals of Aveum has the ability to manipulate all three types of magic that are used in Aveum. As a fellow Triarch, Sandrakk can change his combat strategy on the spot to offer a completely different offensive sequence and keep his opponents on their toes.

Despite his powerful attacks that have the ability to almost wipe out Jak in one fell swoop, he is far from unbeatable. Once you begin to understand his attacking sequences and how best to use your ally in battle, Sandrakk very quickly becomes a vulnerable tyrant. Here are some tips on how best to deal with the game’s final boss.

Colour coordinate your attacks

Since Sandrakk can harness magic from all three colours, he will often change things up to make the battle more challenging for Jak. This is most noticeable with his defensive sequences, as he will conjure up shields of differing colours to protect himself.

The trick to making sure that Sandrakk isn’t able to capitalise on his shields is to act fast. As you see him put up a shield or change its colour, adjust your sigil to coincide with the change and be aggressive at bringing it down. The sooner the shield is down, the sooner you can drain his health and win the fight.

Jak using a shield against the Hand of Sandrakk in Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Jak has a range of defensive abilities. You'll need them all to beat Sandrakk!

Use all of your defensive abilities

The final boss in a game is expected to be one of the toughest in a game, so naturally, it will require you to use all of the skills you pick up along the way. This is particularly important defensively – as the saying goes, the best offence is a good defense.

Jak has a number of defensive abilities that can keep him out of harm's way. To beat Sandrakk, you will need to utilise all of them. Jak can use his Hover and Blink abilities in combination in order to avoid Sandrakk’s shield breaker attack, and his Shield can be used to avoid damage from Sandrakk’s more powerful strikes. Above all else, you shouldn’t remain stationary for too long. Keep moving around the arena to make it harder for the tyrant to get his hands on you.

Use your ally


For the sake of spoilers, we’ll not reveal the identity of your ally in battle, but it is worth noting that they aren’t just there for show. They can actually be an incredibly useful partner in battle and can save Jak’s skin using their superior shielding ability.

Your partner-in-crime against Sandrakk will be most valuable halfway through the battle when the Pentacade tries to eliminate your foe itself. It is easy to get caught in the crossfire when the giant unleashes its huge beam of energy and it will kill Jak if not defended. The best way to get through this unscathed is to listen for your ally’s verbal cues. You will be prompted to get behind their shield a number of times throughout the battle, so make the most of those opportunities as they are crucial for survival.

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