Best Furies in Immortals of Aveum

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Jak in Immortals of Aveum.
Credit: Immortals of Aveum

Become a master of spells and magical combat in Immortals of Aveum, a fantasy twist on a first-person shooter. Among the many spells you will learn along the way are the powerful furies, so take a look at which Furies in Immortals of Aveum are the best of the bunch!

Jak's spells are split into groups: Strikes, Controls, Furies, Augments, and Dominions. Strikes are the most commonly used spells, and his Dominion spell is an attack that combines all three magic colours. The Furies are the bridge between strikes and dominions that offer a more powerful attacking option that can be used fairly frequently.

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A player about to cast the Blastwave Fury spell in Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
Keep enemies at a safe distance with the Blastwave Fury spell

The best Furies in Immortals of Aveum

6. Bash

Jak has a mean right hand that is particularly effective when enemies come too close to him. With the Bash Fury, his potent punch produces an even more jarring melee strike.

While this spell is great for creating distance and putting enemies on the back foot, there is little room for error when using it. The game features a wide range of enemies that can dodge and teleport, which will render this attack useless if it doesn't make contact.

5. Blastwave

By issuing a shockwave of pure red energy, Jak has the ability to clear the crowds with the powerful Blastwave ability. This is the perfect weapon for sticky situations where enemies are advancing on you, or when you are confronted by a wave of smaller foes.

This is a great spell to use on small and large enemies alike, however the impact on the larger adversaries is less prevalent. It's a good starting point, however, for a combination of attacks on the more formidable challenges.

4. Torrent

Acting as a more potent version of its coloured strike attack, the Torrent spell unleashes a flurry of green magic projectiles on targets. Like its Strike spell predecessor, it can also hone in on targets.

This is a great attack for peppering enemies with projectiles, however its weakness is that the projectiles themselves are not particularly powerful. With that said, unleashing a Torrent spell is a great way to complement a barrage of strike attacks.

A player casting the Torrent Fury spell on an enemy in Immortals of Aveum
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
The Torrent Fury spell will overwhelm your foes with a barrage of green magic

3. Shatter

The Shatter Fury is one of the most useful spells in terms of breaking down defences. Unleashing a barrage of blue magic spikes out of the ground, you will be able to quickly smash through an enemy shield and leave them vulnerable to attack.

As this is a ground spell, its uses are limited by the mobility of the enemy. Given that shields are only used infrequently by a select few members of the Rasharn army, it is not called upon as often as its counterparts.

2. Time Slow

You won't find the Time Slow spell while working your way through the main story, but it is certainly an enchantment worth learning. As the name suggests, this spell slows down time, buying you an opportunity to reconsider your strategy or even to just get out of the way of an otherwise lethal attack.

The Time Slow spell is hidden in one of the many Shroudfanes scattered throughout Aveum, so it will take some time to earn it. Be on the lookout for the Time Slow Fane, as it will be your ticket to one of the best defensive spells in Immortals of Aveum.


1. Vortex

One of two additional Furies that you won't encounter in the main story, the Vortex spell can gather all enemies together in one convenient location. This is a great way of thinning out the crowd by delivering a wave of offensive manoevres in one place to many adversaries.

This spell can be found in a Shroudfane, so you will need to embark on a search to acquire it. With that said, it is arguably the best Fury spell in Immortals of Aveum, so it is certainly worth the effort!

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