How to get legendary gear in Immortals of Aveum

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Jak using a sigil to battle the Exhalted Leylodon
Credit: Immortals of Aveum

Looking to bolster your character with the highest-quality equipment? Look no further than our guide to finding legendary gear in Immortals of Aveum to give Jak the best chance of putting an end to the Everwar!

There are a number of equippable items to be bought, crafted, and discovered in Aveum, from Sigils to rings and bracers. Each item has a rarity rating, which determines how powerful it is, but none are more valuable than the legendary items that can be found on Jak's travels.

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How to get legendary gear in Immortals of Aveum

Legendary gear can be a challenge to find as you progress through the various locations in Aveum, but they are a worthwhile investment. They can give you an edge over the more difficult adversaries in the game. For those who pre-ordered the game, you will have the opportunity to use legendary gear from the early stages of the game. Fortunately, for those that didn't, there are a few ways that other legendary items can be acquired.

A player receiving legendary gear after defeating a member of the Six
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Credit: Immortals of Aveum
There are a number of ways you can get your hands on legendary gear

Progressing through the story

There are a select few opportunities for players to organically acquire some legendary items by progressing through the narrative in Immortals of Aveum. By defeating some of the game's most significant challenges, a reward awaits the worthy combatant who has overcome their foe.

One legendary item that can be found is Morbane's Fire, which is a red magic Sigil that boosts melee damage, armour, and armour shed. This can be found once Jak defeats the enormous Morbane boss.

Hunting and defeating the Six

Once the dust has settled on the main story in Immortals of Aveum, players will discover that there is still much to do to make Aveum whole again. Aside from collecting golden chests, ridding the world of corruption, and raiding Shroudfanes, there are additional powerful Magni hiding and waiting for Jak to challenge them.

Hidden within the Shroudfanes are the most powerful Magni in Aveum, known as the Six. You will be able to determine ahead of time which Shroudfane contains a Magnus by the fane's title, which will generally be labeled "Den of ..." with the name of the adversary. These are not to be confused with the other Shroudfanes which will bear titles such as "Grapple Fane," to indicate the type of challenge it presents.


Players who brave these challenges will be rewarded handsomely. By overpowering and defeating each member of the Six, Jak will be granted a legendary item for each Magnus he conquers. If you are struggling as you work through the story, this is a worthwhile investment to help boost your combat abilities.

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