How to get Frost Crystals in No Man's Sky

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The character is on the planet in No Man's Sky.
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There are certainly more important resources than others in No Man's Sky. Whether it's because a specific resource is utilized in more recipes or it's used in one, vital recipe, players should prioritize finding those resources over others if possible. One of these crucial resources in No Man's Sky is the Frost Crystal, as it's used in dozens of crafting, cooking, and refining recipes.

Moreover, if you know how to get Frost Crystals in No Man’s Sky, then you will be able to craft glass, which is another essential item. So, in this guide, we are going to explain how to find these crystals and what they are used for.

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How to get Frost Crystals in No Man's Sky

Frost Crystals in No Man’s Sky
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Fortunately, Frost Crystals are not that difficult to get. You just need to find and land on a planet with certain plants. Unsurprisingly, frozen planets have lots of Frost Crystals that you can collect.

There are a few ways to get Frost Crystals in No Man’s Sky. The first one is to simply go to one of the ice planets and search for plants called Frostworts. These things look like huge crystal flowers, and you can collect them with the help of the Haz-Mat Gauntlet. You can purchase the Haz-Mat Gauntlet as a blueprint for your Exosuit at the Space Anomaly. More specifically, you can visit the Exosuit Trader at the Space Anomaly to purchase this upgrade.

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The second way to get Frost Crystals is to grow Frostworts on your own. You can do this with the help of the NPC called Farmer. Each Frostwort you collect gives you between 50 and 100 Frost Crystals. To hire a Farmer, you need to have a habitable base, an Agricultural Terminal, and hire an Armourer, Overseer, and Scientist after completing the Agricultural Research mission.

Finally, the last way to get Frost Crystals is to use the Refiner. With this device, you can refine certain materials into these crystals. There are three recipes that produce Frost Crystals, here they are:

  • Frost Crystal (1) – Dioxite (2) + Oxygen (2)
  • Frost Crystal (1) – Dioxite (1) + Radon (1)
  • Frost Crystals (2) – Dioxite (1) + Frost Crystal (1)

Why do you need to collect Frost Crystals in No Man’s Sky?

Frost Crystals can be used for different purposes, from crafting to cooking. So, there are many things you can do with this resource, but the most important one is making glass. This material is really useful and required for numerous crafting recipes. To make glass using Frost Crystals, you can put 40 of the crystals into a refiner and the result will be one glass.

That's everything you need to know about acquiring and using Frost Crystals in No Man's Sky. Before you go, check out our guides on how to get Antimatter and Radon in No Man’s Sky.

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