HoloCure items - how to unlock all

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Image of a battle in progress in HoloCure
January 23, 2023: We have checked through our information

Want to learn more about HoloCure items? These pickups can hugely transform your stats in this fan-made roguelite game, so you'll want to know all about them before embarking on a run. That's why we're here to help!


In this HoloCure guide, we'll list all the items in the game, alongside their unlock requirements and stat alterations. Some of them are punishingly difficult to earn, so you'll need to know all about them if you want to reach the highest levels.

For even more on HoloCure, check out our guides on how to download the game, as well as our list of all the weapons in the game, and how to aim. With all of those combined, you'll be soaring in no time!

All HoloCure items

Item Name How to Unlock Stat boost
SakeAlready unlockedBoosts crit damage by 10% if you haven't received damage for 10 seconds, taking slight damage when it ends
Body PillowAlready unlockedActivates a shield that soaks up 15 damage, replenishes every 15 seconds
Injection Type AsacocoComplete Stage Mode while having Plug Type Asacoco or Breathe-In Type Asacoco equippedDecreases HP by 5% per second while boosting damage by 30%
Credit CardFind an AnvilReduces enhancement cost by 20%, increases chances of finding an Anvil by 20%
Knightly MilkAlready unlockedIncreases area-type weapons' attack range by 10%, and pick-up radius by 30%
Face MaskAlready unlockedIncreases by damage by 30%, but also increases damage taken by 30%
PlushiePlaying as Bae, survive at least 10 minutesBecome invincible for 0.3 seconds after taking damage, costing 20% of ATK and SPD for 5 seconds
Nurse's HornAlready unlocked20% chance of healing 5% HP after killing an enemy
Full MealAlready unlockedDoubles healing
Piki Piki PimanAlready unlockedIncreased crit damage by 10% for the first 10 seconds after being hit
HeadphonesAlready unlocked15% chance to shrug off a hit and deflect it onto enemies
Gorilla's PawDefeat the Smol Ame bossIncreases normal attacking by 30%, but halves crit chance
Uber SheepAlready unlockedFood drops every 20 seconds. Also increases the chance of enemies dropping food by 10%
Idol CostumeUse a special attackReduces Special cooldown by 20%
Energy DrinkPlaying as Calli, survive at least 10 minutesIncreases SPD by 20% but reduces Max HP by 25%
Study GlassesReach level 50 on a runIncreases XP gain by 10%
Super Chatto Time!Collect a total of 5,000 coins over all runsFallen enemies yield 20% more coins
HaluBeat Stage ModeIncrease regular fan spawns, and fans become stronger. Gain HoloCoins for every 5 targets defeated since taking this item.
MembershipLose 3 Holo Coins per second. If Holo Coins is more than 0, increase damage by 30% and take 15% less damage.Clear stage mode with Super Chatto Time!

See the table above for a breakdown of all items currently available in HoloCure. From simple stat boosts to more complex coin modifiers, it's a good idea to learn about them all to help decide which ones to equip.


In HoloCure, items work like temporary perks and stat modifiers to slightly change your build. They all only work temporarily rather than overarching perks, as often they come with a corresponding stat nerf in other attributes to make up for buffs elsewhere.

When it comes to the best items in HoloCure, it mostly depends on your style. Players going all-out with attack will favour offensive-minded items like Knightly Milk and Face Mask. If you're playing more cautiously and want to focus on defending and retaining your HP, look no further than Body Pillow.

Ultimately though, it boils down to which items suit your approach the most. Have a browse of the options above, and you'll be able to decide which one is for you in no time.

How do I get HoloCure items?

As mentioned in the table above, items in HoloCure have a range of different unlock requirements. Some of the more basic ones will be available as soon as you play the game for the first time, giving you a chance to see how they work and test out some early-game stat alterations.


For others, there are specific requirements you need to fulfil. These range from surviving 10 minutes as a certain character to collecting a set amount of coins across games.

Once you've found a few HoloCure items worth using, you'll need to equip them. This is done by going to your inventory prior to a match, and selecting up to six items to equip. It's as simple as that!

Will there be more HoloCure items?

At the time of writing, it's hard to say whether more HoloCure items will arrive down the line. We do know that more updates are expected, but it's impossible to tell whether they will come with new items to equip. As such, you'll have to wait and see!


That's it for our look at all the HoloCure items currently in the game. While you're here, feel free to check out all HoloCure collabs, for an in-depth look at the ultra-powerful weapons.