Hogwarts Legacy stuttering fix - How to fix Hogwarts Legacy stutter on PC

Promotional art showing a student facing the castle in Hogwarts Legacy

Promotional art showing a student facing the castle in Hogwarts Legacy
April 19, 2023: Here's how to fix Hogwarts Legacy stuttering.

Having issues with the wizard game on PC? Wondering if there's a Hogwarts Legacy stuttering fix out there? Hogwarts Legacy is live on all platforms now, and the staggered release was probably for the best. Performance issues are plaguing the PC version, but the three-day lead time from the Deluxe Edition gave the early access few time to find band-aid fixes for the many.

Those early access players reported frame drops and stuttering when rendering areas for the first time. The issue is consistent across a variety of configurations and until a fix is available, it's up to the witches and wizards out there to look for workarounds that can help alleviate the issue for the rest. Here are a few quick fixes for any Hogwarts Legacy stuttering issues you may be having.

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How to fix Hogwarts Legacy stuttering

DLSS swap fix

Before you try any of the community fixes, make sure you've tried the following:

  • Update your graphics drivers.
  • Enable DLSS on NVIDIA graphics cards / AMD FSR on AMD graphics cards.
  • Update Windows.

Steam community member Klånylol2.0 discovered that Hogwarts Legacy runs an older version of NVIDIA DLSS. Luckily, there's a community-made tool that can update the game’s DLSS version to boost frame rates and reduce stuttering.

  1. Download DLSS Swapper.
  2. Install the program and launch it.
  3. Download the latest version of DLSS (currently from DLSS Swapper.
  4. Update Hogwarts Legacy’s version of DLSS.
  5. Launch the game.

Disable Exploit Protection on Windows

Exploit Protection is a feature in Windows 11 that negatively affects the performance of Hogwarts Legacy on PC. Turning off Control Flow Guard within Exploit Protection for Hogwarts Legacy can greatly boost the game’s performance and reduce stuttering.

Windows Exploit Protection was introduced in Windows 10 ver 1709, which prevents programs from misbehaving. Control Flow Guard specifically addresses memory issues caused by games. Unreal Engine 4 games have memory leak issues, and turning off Exploit Protection can greatly improve performance. This fix is applicable for Hogwarts Legacy, and you should not try it in other games as it can lead to unprecedented issues.

That's it for our look at how to fix PC stuttering issues in Hogwarts Legacy! for more on the game, check out the full quest list, as well as a guide on how to beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.

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