Is Gotham Knights part of the Arkham series?

Image of Robin in Gotham Knights.

Image of Robin in Gotham Knights.
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After years of anticipation, the latest DC Comics game, Gotham Knights, is finally upon us. Giving players the chance to duke it out as members of the Bat-family, there's one big question surrounding the game: is Gotham Knights part of the Arkham series? Fortunately, we've got the answer!

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll unpick the continuity around the game. Namely, we'll address whether this is the next instalment in the Arkham series after 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight, or if it's a totally separate continuity blooming.

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Does Gotham Knights take place in the Batman Arkham universe?

Gotham Knights is not part of the Arkham series. Rather than slotting into the continuity of Rocksteady's Batman games, it's a completely separate take on these DC Comics characters.

This was the plan for good, ever since the game was announced in summer 2020. In fact, even on the game's official website it states that "it is not connected to the Batman: Arkham games."

It's not hard to see why, because so many characters in Gotham Knights are represented completely differently in the Arkham games. All four of the main characters - Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl - appear in different forms in the Arkham games. On top of that, returning villains such as Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn don't only look totally different, but bear none of the same characteristics either.

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Therefore, you won't need to know anything about the Arkham games before diving into Gotham Knights. Instead, DC fans of any level can enjoy the game without worrying about not catching some of the references within.

However, it's not hard to see how some fans may have assumed otherwise. The premise of Gotham Knights focuses on the four Bat-companions taking over the mantle of Batman after his mysterious disappearance. Spoiler alert for Arkham Knight, but that's exactly what happens to the Caped Crusader at the end of that game.

On top of that, WB Games Montreal, who made Gotham Knights, also developed Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013. That was a canon prequel set in the Arkham universe, bridging the gap between 2011's Arkham City and 2015's Arkham Knight. Since the developer has a history of working within the universe, it's no surprise that confusion arose.

Either way, Gotham Knights is definitely not a part of the Arkham series. While the upcoming Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League will be canon to the Arkham games, this adventure isn't.

That's it for our look at whether Gotham Knights is part of the Arkham series or not! For even more on the game prior to its launch, check out all the voice actors you may recognise, as well as whether it's coming to Xbox Game Pass any time soon.

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