How to get Nagadus Emeralds in Genshin Impact

Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Sumeru in Genshin Impact
November 2: The Dendro Hypostasis is now available in-game, which will drop Emeralds.

Every Genshin Impact character can be ascended by using different materials, and each element has a different type of gem that is required. Here's how to find the Genshin Impact Nagadus Emerald material: the new Dendro element gem for characters like Tighnari and Collei.

The region of Sumeru is now available and is filled with plants, mushrooms, and new animals to meet. The glittering Palace of Alcazarzaray and Sumeru City await your entry, and new character stories are ready to be discovered.

Here are our thoughts on the best Collei build, and Tighnari while we're at it. There's a list of Collei materials on hand if you're looking to ascend her, too. And check out our Genshin Impact tier list and promo Genshin Impact codes page for free Primogems as well!

Nagadus Emerald locations

The new Dendro characters need a new type of gemstone to be ascended: the Nagadus Emerald. There's a gem for each element, so it makes sense. For now, Nagadus Emerald can only be found in a couple of places, as it is not widely used thanks to us having only two characters with a Dendro vision for now.

The emerald pieces are drops from the new Jadeplume Terrorshroom located at the very western edge of Sumeru. To get to the boss fight, you need to drop into or fly up to the portal above the trees. You'll usually get 2-4 pieces of emerald depending on your level from the fight.

The Dendro Hypostasis, added in Version 3.2, also gives Nagadus Emeralds as drops when the fight is won.

Nagandus Emerald location in Genshin Impact.
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If you don't want to fight the mushroom-like bird or the cube time and time again, you can sometimes get emerald pieces from Daily Commission rewards, or from the Parametric Transformer. Remember that you can only use this once every five days.

The Sumeru City souvenir shop may sell emerald pieces, but unfortunately, it is locked behind finishing the Sacred Sakura tree in the Sumeru region. This is the same as Inazuma.

Another way to get Nagadus Emerald is to transform the gems you already have. Agnidus Agate can be transformed into Nagadus Emerald using Dust of Azoth. If you have some spare, this is a great way of getting some green.

Jadeplume terrorshroom
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What is Nagadus Emerald for?

Nagadus Emerald is the Dendro ascension gemstone. It will be used to ascend Dendro characters - for now, just Collei and Tighnari, but there will be more in the future. The gems come in different size pieces: slivers, fragments, chunks, and gemstones.

Nahida, the latest Dendro character released in Version 3.2, also requires Nagadus Emeralds to ascend.

For more Genshin Impact content, check out our hub for all things Version 3.0, and what's coming to the Sumeru region. We're already speculating about Version 3.1, too!

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