Genshin Impact Mika - Release date, lore, weapon, and element

Mika and Jean in Genshin Impact

Mika and Jean in Genshin Impact

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January 16, 2023: The Genshin Impact Twitter has officially confirmed Mika's existence. Expect heaps of new info soon.

After a long time of speculation and rumours, Mika has finally made an official debut in the Version 3.1 trailer, and appears briefly in the new story quest.

In the latest story trailer, 'King Deshret and the Three Magi', we see Mika speaking in the Knights of Favonius headquarters in Mondstadt, delivering a message from Grandmaster Varka to a crowd. Varka left on a large expedition to Snezhnaya, leaving Jean as the Acting Grandmaster. Currently, their fate is unknown, but we're sure Mika will clear some things up.

Here's what we know about the 3.1 update, and the banner schedule for Genshin Impact. Check out our guides to the upcoming characters Cyno, Candace, and Nilou, too!

When will Mika release as a playable character?

For the foreseeable future, Mika will remain as an NPC that was shown in the Weinlesfest story in Mondstadt, but leaks suggest a release in the 3.5 updates, as a 4-star character, alongside a Eula rerun and a potential Mondstadt event or map expansion.

What rarity will Mika be?

Hoyoverse has not confirmed what rarity Mika will be, but he will likely be 4-star, and may appear on a Eula rerun banner. Her rerun has been suggested in leaks and makes sense as she has not featured recently. It would make sense to put Mika on her banner given their story together.

Interestingly, the last Mondstadt 5-star was Eula in early 2021, so players want Mika to be a 5-star too, though this seems a little too similar if they share the same story, Vision, and rarity.

Genshin Impact Mika
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What do we know about Mika's build?


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Some speculation was swirling as to what Mika's Vision would be, but now that he's been officially seen in the 3.1 Weinlesefest event, we can clearly see a Cryo vision on his hand.


Mika's weapon remains a mystery, as does his Vision and skill set. There is, however, a free Polearm available in the Weinlesefest named Missive Windspear. This could suggest that Mika will wield a polearm though it is more likely to be another viable option for both Cyno and Candace, as they are both newcomer polearm users. Leaks have suggested that Mika does use a Polearm, but these are subject to change.

Mika and his Vision
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Who is Mika in Genshin Impact?

Of Ballads and Brews is shaping up to be a big event, set in Mondstadt, celebrating the two-year anniversary of Genshin Impact. It is said that Mika will play a role in the story around this event, which is where he will be introduced.

Information as to who Mika remains scarce for now. He was never in the Genshin Impact manga and has not appeared in the game until now. What we do know is that he is surveyor of the Reconnaissance Company, the same company that Eula captains.

Hopefully, we will find out more sooner rather than later with the release of Version 3.1!

While we wait for the next update, check out the Genshin Impact tier list to check how your heroes hold up and have a look at our build for the latest addition; Dori.

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