Genshin Impact Lengthy Reunion - how to unlock the secret achievement

Lengthy Reunion achievement

Lengthy Reunion achievement

Do you know how to get the Genshin Impact Lengthy Reunion secret achievement? You will soon. Every so often you'll see a big, furry, Sumpter Beast laden with cargo making its way along the roads of Sumeru. Maybe if you follow one, something will happen: like getting the Lengthy Reunion hidden achievement.

Through the game's various updates, there's not only been over 270 separate achievements, but some hidden ones too, all separated by categories to do with the region and type of achievement. Sumeru itself has 15 achievements that players can earn, not including this hidden one!

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How to unlock the secret Sumeru achievement Lengthy Reunion

If you're on a mission to get every achievement in the game, or just a fan of observing the wildlife as it goes about its daily life, then this is for you.

Lengthy Reunion achievement
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This hidden achievement requires players to locate a specific Sumpter Beast on a trek near the Statue of The Seven in Vissudha Field. Teleport here, and head to the east. You'll come across a path, with a Sumpter Beast plodding slowly along it. Follow him to his destination, and you'll get the achievement.

However - it's not that simple. Along the path the beast takes, there are two Eremite camps, a Fatui and Treasure Hoarders camp, a Withering Zone, and a bunch of mushroom enemies.

There are also some Rishboland Tigers dotted around for good measure. Clear all of these first and then try to start the quest. Clearing them while the Sumpter Beast is near will cause him to turn aggressive, pulling you back to square one with the quest.

If you haven't completed the 'Thieves and Sellswords' part of the current Sumeru event Graven Innocence, you'll have to beat the Eremite groups twice in each location, as two locations on this journey are tied to the first stages of this event and will spawn more enemies.

Lengthy Reunion achievement
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Above is the road that the beast takes; it starts at location one, and heads to two, and takes the right-hand path at the fork in the road. Once you reach the destination, there will be a treasure chest to open up - but also more Eremites to beat. Once you vanquish them, you'll get the Lengthy Reunion achievement.

This achievement will give you five Primogems for collecting it in the menu, and the treasure chest contains artifacts from the Exile and Adventurer sets, Hero's Wit, Mora, and Dendro Sigils.

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