Genshin Impact - How to get Collei in the Graven Innocence event

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Collei in Genshin Impact
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Players can now grab the Sprout of Rebirth herself - a free Collei - in the Genshin Impact Graven Innocence event. She is a 4-Star Dendro bow user, and an extra unit can unlock her first Constellation, which will provide some much-appreciated buffs.

Collei is one of the featured, and boosted, 4-Star characters on Tighnari and Zhongli's banners. But Collei is available for free during an event that has come with the Version 3.0 update. Permanently, by the way - not just as a trial! The Graven Innocence event is available now.


Here are our thoughts on the best Collei build, and Tighnari while we're at it. There's a list of materials you need to ascend Collei, too. Check out our tier list and promo codes page for free Primogems as well!

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence

How to get Collei in the Graven Innocence event

To begin the Graven Innocence event, select it from the events menu and find your way to Port Ormos. If you haven't unlocked that part of the map yet, you'll need to spend some time discovering the area first.


Head to the quest marker, where you'll meet Fayez and Mamdouh, two toy makers from Sumeru. They'll send you on a quest to find a famous author, which will lead you back to Gandharva Ville. Here, you'll meet Collei and the author's child. Right after this, you'll get your free Collei!

You do not actually have to continue the quest after this point, but we recommend you do in order to get other rewards like Primogems, Mystic Ore, and XP materials. You will also get at least one Crown of Insight.

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence

Which quests do I need to complete first?

When attempting to select the Graven Innocence quest, it's recommended that you complete some prerequisite quests. The quest in particular is called Silent Seeker of Knowledge, but is preluded by a quest introducing the Traveler to Sumeru, and the rainforest where Tighnari and Collei reside. These can take a couple of hours to finish, but will bring the Traveler to Port Ormos, where the Graven Innocence event takes place.


You can start the Graven Innocence event immediately and bypass the recommended quests, but some characters may not be available in the event. Therefore, you may lose some immersion and lore as you go. The event brings the Traveler to meet certain new characters and allows guided exploration of Sumeru City.

What is the Graven Innocence event?

The quest has the Traveler and Paimon help out the two toymakers, which leads on to more events opening up. These include gathering inspiration by observing and capturing photos of Sumerian wildlife, and two events called Grove Dash and Braving the Elements. These will unlock after a couple of days' interval. We'll have to wait and see what else it entails!


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