Far Cry 6: Dead Drop Mission Walkthrough, How To Escape the Bunker

Far Cry 6's Dead Drop Operation: The burning bunker from the ocean below.

Far Cry 6's Dead Drop Operation: The burning bunker from the ocean below.

Most of your operations during Far Cry 6 up until this point will typically go off without a hitch, provided you plan your attacks just right and have a good Arsenal of weapons. However, during the Dead Drop operation, your plans will be unexpectedly intercepted by Anton Castillo, as you become trapped inside the bunker of Tempestad Lighthouse.

As a result of this, knowing what to do next or where to go can be a little tricky, but we’re here to walk you through it.

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During this operation, you will be asked by Juan Cortez to deliver Viviro to three locations across the map. One of those locations will be the Tempestad Lighthouse, situated in the Aguda Cliffs of Costa Del Mar, which is in the Madrugada region.

However, as you approach the Tempestad Lighthouse to make your delivery, one of Castillo’s generals will have other plans for you. You will be knocked out by him and then wake up in a burning bunker that has been set alight, accompanied by his dead body, with little idea as to what happened to him. Subsequently, you have a limited amount of time to try to make your escape from the bunker before things begin to blow up and well... you die.

Far Cry 6's Dead Drop Operation: The grate you must shoot in order to escape into a vent.
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Dead Drop Operation: How To Escape the Bunker

You will wake up facing a grate, slightly to the right. Use one of your weapons to shoot the grate and get crouch to get into the vent. Take a left, and you will see a fan up ahead in the vent, but if you look just above, you will then be able to stand and climb out of the vent. You must move fast, as the fire will travel and follow you into the vent and will very quickly kill you if you don’t escape as soon as possible.

As you climb out of the vent, the rest of the bunker will still be on fire with pipes bursting left, right, and centre. There will be a door just behind you to go out of, then you will need to head to your right and jump over some fallen pallets to access the stairs. This will then lead you to another door, and you guessed it, more fire and bursting pipes.

Far Cry 6's Dead Drop Operation: Corridors of burst pipes and fire will be all over the bunker that you must avoid as you make your escape.
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Follow the corridor, until you come to an area that has a broken wall for you to crouch under, as well as a door to your right. Things can become confusing here, as the chance to go around in circles and burn alive are incredibly high. The correct direction to go in is as follows:

  • Crouch under the piece of broken wall and take the door to your left, then immediately go up the stairs ahead of you.
  • As you follow the stairs around, these will be broken too and will require you to perform a jump to get onto the next platform.
  • Go through the following door, and then the door to your right after that, and continue forward.

Barrels of gasoline are going to begin blowing up here, but the exit is nearby! Let them blow up and try to avoid them as best you can. Once it seems clear, rush forward, and you’ll be able to escape directly into the ocean.

After this, you can start swimming and make your way to the beach just to your left, but be wary of the soldiers that are on nearby boats. As you approach the beach, the Dead Drop operation will be completed. As for the soldiers, you will need to either take them out or run to make your escape be completely successful.

Far Cry 6's Dead Drop Operation: The beach you will make your escape to, with Castillo's soldiers waiting nearby.
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The Dead Drop operation is one of many interceptions that Castillo’s army are going to make as you continue on your freedom fight for Yara. Take caution and have fun, Dani Rojas will save Yara and its people from Castillo’s oppressive regime if you keep it up! To be best prepared, take a look at our guides on the best weapons and the Supremo backpacks of Far Cry 6.

Alternatively, there's lots to do and explore outside of Far Cry 6's main story, including flying around and driving, so check out you can acquire the Wingsuit and unlock all the Rides that Yara has to offer.

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