Fall Guys season 2 release date speculation - battle pass and patch notes

Fall Guys season 2 release date, battle pass, patch notes and more

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September 9, 2022: We have checked our information and have still not seen confirmation of the release date.

If you're looking for Fall Guys season 2 release date speculation, this is everything we currently know. As of right now, there's quite a lot of information out there but there's still a lot we don't really know: like why exactly season 2 is back around given it has a season 2 launch

As well as going over everything we know about the Fall Guys season 2 release date, here's what we know about the game's new battle pass, plus some information on what we could see next. The team have had a huge surge in popularity since going free-to-play so they seem to be changing their approach.

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Fall Guys season 2 release date speculation

Fall Guys season 2 was originally rumoured to release on August 31st. Unfortunately, this never happened, so it seems likely that the team have pushed it back to prepare for the big update - all without saying a word.

The game originally went free-to-play in June, so the last few months have seen tonnes of growth. To retain the resurgence of players, the devs have been putting out updates and preparing for something big. That makes sense, right?

As of right now, the next rumoured release date for Fall Guys season 2 is around the middle of September. This being said, this is just a rumour. We will have to get closer to the release date for any confirmation. Make sure to follow the Twitter account and come back here for all the latest updates,

Fall Guys season 2 release date, battle pass, patch notes and more
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Fall Guys season 2 battle pass

Along with a brand new update, season 2 should have a brand new battle pass. We don't have confirmation of what we will see just yet but we can make a guess based on the previous season's battle pass.

In the free tier of season 1, you could get:

  • 10 patterns
  • 5 colours
  • 9 skins
  • 400 show-bucks
  • 7 nicknames
  • 2,600 kudos
  • 5 nameplates and 3 faceplates

In the premium version of the season pass, you could get:

  • 13 Skins
  • 1 color
  • 2 patterns
  • 1,200 show-bucks
  • 2 nameplates
  • 2 faceplates
  • 5 emotes
  • 3 celebrations

Generally, we can expect the next season's battle pass to be a similar size, offering similar items. Alongside this, we may see a new map or mode or maybe just changes to a current map. The team certainly aren't against adding new obstacles to shake up current maps.

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