Fall Guys Error Codes - 200_1040 and 201_003 Fixes

Fall Guys error codes: The most common error codes, and what to do if you see them

Fall Guys error codes: The most common error codes, and what to do if you see them
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Fall Guys had a hugely popular launch back in 2020 but now, two years later, the servers are as popular as they have ever been. If you're coming across Fall Guys error codes, this is what you need to know.

Naturally, as the game continues to get more popular, these codes will pop up more and get dealt with by the team. There's only two major ones to contend with right now, but new updates and surges in popularity will likely result in more over time. If you find them, check back here: we'll hopefully already have them covered.

If you're playing it right now, here's what you should know about the Fall Guys crown clash event. If you aren't interested in this, you may want to know how to run faster in Fall Guys as well. You won't make it to the end if you don't know how to speed up.

All Fall Guys Error Codes And Fixes

There are tonnes of Fall Guys Error Codes though some are much more likely to come up than others. Here are a few of the most common and how they tend to get fixed.

Fall Guys error codes: The most common error codes, and what to do if you see them
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Fall Guys Error Code 200_1040

Error Code 200_1040 says "Session expired, please restart your game". As you might expect, there's no other way around this. Just restart your game.

There's a good chance this one is caused by leaving the game idle for too long and being automatically booted from the online component, but there's also the chance that your version has just become outdated.

If restarting the game doesn't fix the Fall Guys 200_1040 error code and you're playing on PC, you can go into your game library, right-click the game name, and use one of the options there to verify your files.

The process doesn't take long at all, but if it finds that any files are missing out outdated, it'll start a download to patch in the new or missing files.

If you play on consoles, it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling the game if an automatic download doesn't start when you close it. Be sure to actually close the game first, though - using the middle button on your controller to go back to the dashboard doesn't close the game. Use the button centre-right button on Xbox and PlayStation to close the game, or + on Nintendo Switch from the dashboard.

Fall Guys Error Code 201_003

Error code 201_003 is rather similar to our last code except it tends to be more of an issue with the servers.

Unfortunately, this is just something you have to wait through. You can attempt all the above things but it seems you are better off just coming back later. It basically boils down to the game being too busy to handle the number of players trying to join a match - which is just down to having too few servers to manage everyone.

Ultimately, turning off your game or reinstalling is a good way to fix some problems, but not all error codes can be fixed by you. Most of the time, just finding something else to do and coming back to it later will solve the issue. The free-to-play shift made Fall Guys incredibly popular again: so much so that it's struggling to keep up.

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