How to Run Faster in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: How To Run Faster

Fall Guys: How To Run Faster

Fall Guys is a surprisingly great party that naturally promotes some competition as you play. If you're looking into how to run faster in Fall Guys, this is what you need to know.

Unfortunately, while there isn't a direct sprint button, there are little ways that you can get to your objective faster. It's all about learning the maps and mechanics to get that little extra boost. Here's how to get that competitive edge on your opponents.

If you're playing the game yourself and want to know all about how Fall Guys crossplatform play works, this is what you should know. If this isn't what you're looking for, maybe Fall Guys custom lobbies will interest you.

How to Run Faster in Fall Guys

How fast you run in Fall Guys is dependent on a couple of crucial factors.

First, there isn't really a dedicated run button, per se.You build up some speed as you run and tend to go a little faster down a slope. This means the best way of accelerating is by hitting an angle and going down it.

You can sort of run if you don't bump into things or get grabbed by anyone. Generally, if you focus on just yourself, you're a little quicker.

Running faster in Fall Guys.
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This all being said, the jump and dodge technique can push you forward when you really need it.

Just jump and throw yourself ahead to get a slight edge on the competition. This is at its best when you can use it to simultaneously clear an edge or move across a platform.

It's generally not much quicker than the standard run but can be much better in some circumstances. Learn the maps and you should be able to get the most speed out of your Fall Guy.

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