Fall Guys custom lobbies - release date, platforms, and everything we know

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Several years after it first hit the gaming scene, Fall Guys is back with a new free-to-play model and crossplay on all major consoles and PC. Now, you're able to play with more friends than ever, leading to one main question: how do you use Fall Guys custom lobbies? Luckily, it's a feature that's been in the game for a while, so you'll be sorted.

In this Fall Guys guide, we'll go over what custom lobbies are, how they work, and the capabilities they have. If you like the laidback atmosphere of the game but would rather play with friends than random online opponents, then setting up your own custom show is definitely a good idea. It'll provide for even more laughs than in the base game!

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To do list

In an interview with The Loadout back in 2020, Mediatonic's Joe Walsh spoke on the desire for custom lobbies. Joe had a lot of interesting information regarding the game's future, including some details on the release of custom lobbies.

When talking about custom lobbies Joe had this to say:

"Fall Guys is ultimately a TV show, and people want to be the director, they want to run their own show. We totally hear the demand for that, but it'll take us a little while to figure out what that looks like exactly. But it's on our list of things to do."

Even at that early point in the game's life cycle, it was clear that custom shows were high on Mediatonic's agenda.

Release date

Thankfully, custom shows arrived in Fall Guys at the start of season three, back in December 2020. In an early access phase, it was initially only open for content creators with a set number of levels on offer.

It eventually because a public option in the season 4.5 update in May 2021. Everything you would expect from custom lobbies was there, from the ability to invite friends to cross-play capabilities and plenty of levels to add to the playlist.


As you'd hope now the game is fully cross-platform, you can create custom lobbies across all platforms on which you can play Fall Guys. As a reminder, those are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Therefore, playing with friends in your own private lobbies is easier than ever!

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