Fall Guys Free to Play Release Time - When You Can Play on Xbox and Switch

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We're approaching two years since the initial release of Fall Guys. Now, to bring some players back to the game, it is going free to play. If you're looking to try the game out again with everyone else, here are the details on the Fall Guys free to play release time and when the game launches on Xbox and Switch platforms.

This is the first time that Fall Guys will be free to play for anyone since it launched on PlayStation Plus initially. It will now be on all platforms and free for everyone to play. We'll also be back to Season One, with a load of new content being added to the game as part of it. Therefore, there's stuff to check out whether you're a new player or an experienced one.

If you're after more on Fall Guys, we have all the details you need on crossplay in the game and how to change you're name if you want to do so when you jump back into the crazy action.

Fall Guys Free to Play Release Time

The rollout of the Fall Guys free to play version will work much like previous updates in the game. Mediatonic has decided not to reveal when the new version is due to go live, but we expect it to be in the early afternoon BST, or mid-morning if you're in the US.

The expected release time for Fall Guys Free to Play is:

  • 1-3pm BST
  • 8-10am ET
  • 5-7am PT

It seems like the update is rolling out on some existing platforms, such as PS4, but we'll let you know once it is out everywhere. Keep checking on whatever platform you want to play on to see when it's playable.

Also, we expect Fall Guys free to play to launch on Xbox and Switch around the same time this afternoon. Again, we'll confirm once those new versions are live and available to download.

New Season One Content

Since Mediatonic is treating this somewhat like a new game launch, there will also be a new Season One for you to jump into.

Not only will there be a new season pass to grab, a bunch of new costumes, and the other usual changes, but crossplay will finally come to the game.

There will also be a Legacy Pack for players to grab, the game will be coming to Epic Game Store for the first time, and show bucks are being added as a way to buy the season pass in a different way.

Once the new season is live, we'll update you on any other cool details on what's available.

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