Fall Guys X Fortnite Crown Clash Event - Start Time, Challenges, and Rewards

Fall Guys Crown Clash artwork.

There is a big event going on in Fall Guys, collaborating with Fortnite, and Rocket League. The Fall Guys X Fortnite Crown Clash event is on now until mid-July!

The Fall Guys Crown Clash started this week, and allows players to earn rewards across all three games. With the re-ignition of the Fall Guys player base, thanks to it releasing for free across all major consoles, this is a great time to add some new events and get some cross-play going. Here's everything we know about the event so far.

In preparation, here's some handy Fall Guys guides: how to avoid falling over, how cross-progression works, and everything we know about custom lobbies.

When Will Fall Guys X Fortnite Crown Clash Start?

The Crown Clash is on right now, and runs until July 11. The challenge is a total of 12 days long, which is plenty of time to play 100 rounds of the game.

What Are The Rewards For Fall Guys Crown Clash?

According to the official Fall Guys site, you can earn 3,800 Kudos in this event. That's a LOT of kudos! There's also some sweet rewards for Fortnite, too.

  • 10 Rounds - 300 Kudos
  • 20 Rounds - Additional 500 Kudos
  • 40 Rounds - Additional 800 Kudos
  • 70 Rounds - Additional 1,000 Kudos
  • 100 Rounds - Additional 1,200 Kudos


In order to get the exclusive skin in Fortnite - the Major Mancake - you'll need to complete all the Crown Clash challenges in Fall Guys. This is basically just playing a lot of rounds in order to unlock all the rewards, as listed above. Not only do players get the rare Mancake skin, but there is also these to get your hands on:

  • Stacked With Love Emote
  • Stacked! Spray
  • Sweet Clementine Pickaxe
  • Waffler Back Bling

Rocket League

Those competing in Crown Clash will also get some cool stuff in Rocket League, too. These are cosmetic items featuring a banner, rocket boost, wheels and more. Check them out:

  • Colourful Canines banner
  • Colourful Canines topper
  • Med. Rare wheels
  • Octane: Cluster Buster animated decal
  • Fallout rocket boost

The rewards will automatically show up in your Epic Games accounts, so don't worry - there's no convoluted claiming procedure! Reloading the game or waiting a couple of hours will solve the issue of them not appearing right away.

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