How to get to Fae Acres in Fae Farm

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A player traveling to Fae Acres in Fae Farm.

Looking to retire on a nice ranch? You’ll want to know how to get to Fae Acres. It’s a mid-game Fae Farm location that’s conveniently out of reach when you first come across it. With signposts directing you to its impass, having a way to reach it becomes necessary eventually. But you can reach it even before then with the right mindset.

As you read on, you’ll learn a number of ways to get to Fae Acres in Fae Farm ranging from intentional to unintentional. We won’t be using any methods that could count as exploitative — like glitches, hacks, or any of that. Instead, we’ll be using in-game tools and items to get to Fae Aches for any reason.

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How to get to Fae Acres in Fae Farm

To reach Fae Acres in Fae Farm, you first need to head to the Elven Village through the Mysterious Portal. That means clearing the A Watery Wonder quest in the first dungeon and progressing into chapter 5.

Once you’re there, you want to head into the village and to the east edge. You’ll see a sign pointing to Fae Acres before a collapsed bridge.

How to repair and fix the Fae Acres bridge in Fae Farm

To repair the Fae Acres bridge, you’ll need to progress through the Floating Ruins dungeon to unlock a new spell.

Using the spell by the broken bridge will auto-magically repair it, creating a road to cross over to Fae Acres. This will happen as part of the unlock process for the space, giving you proper access to the area and everything it includes.

Leaping across the Fae Acres bridge in Fae Farm with a Zoom Potion.
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How to get across the Fae Acres bridge early

If you just want to have a peek at the Fae Acres area over the bridge, all you need to do is make and consume a Zoom Potion of any size. Some job quests can even reward these.

Once you’ve consumed the potion, just run and jump at the Fae Acres bridge at the right time and you should get enough distance to clear the rest with a double jump from your wings.

Once you’re over there, you’ll at least be able to gather the available recipes, and even access your storage through the farm’s connected House Storage.

Fae Acres recipes:

  • Fae Rock Path
  • Plum Knit Rug
  • Fae Potted Mushrooms
  • Fae Cart
  • Fae Wood Container
  • Potted Flowers
  • Sporewood Log Fence
  • Sand Knit Rug
  • Sporewood Curly Q Fence

How to get back to Fae Acres

Whether you’ve ended up there as part of the story or not, if you have a Rose Quartz Seal handy, you’ll be able to activate the Fae Acres pedestal to enable fast travel back to the area.

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