How to get a Pink Flower in Fae Farm - Flower crossbreeding explained

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A player examining pink flowers in Fae Farm.

Looking for ways to get the Fae Farm pink flower? Whether you’re trying to impress friends with your foliage, complete a certain early quest, or craft a cute decoration for your home, you’ll struggle to find a pink flower out in the wild. You need to work for it.

If you’re stuck trying to find a pink flower in Fae Farm, keep reading. We’ve toiled away for dozens of in-game days to figure out the process. It’s a little involved, and you’ll want to pad your days out with other activities to avoid wasting a whole season, but it’s entirely possible with patience and a tiny number of Florins.

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How to get pink flowers in Fae Farm - Fae Farm cross-breeding explained

Fae Farm’s pink flowers come from the in-game crossbreeding mechanic. Rosalind, the town’s flower seed merchant, will introduce you to this with her first quest — but she won’t be too detailed in her explanation of how it works.

To get pink flowers in Fae Farm, you just need to plant white and red flowers of any type by each other. It works very similarly to Animal Crossing flower breeding if you’ve played that.

Pink flowers growing in Fae Farm.
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How to grow pink flowers in Fae Farm

For a foolproof setup for growing pink flowers in Fae Farm, use the following method:

  • Place nine Flower Soil Beds in a 3x3 grid on your farm.
  • Alternate sowing white and red flower seeds into the outer flower beds, leaving the centre bed empty.
  • Water the seeds for four days — the flowers will sprout on the fourth watering.
  • Leave the flowers for a few days. Don’t harvest or water them.
  • The centre Flower Soil Bed will eventually show signs of a seed having been planted.
    • You can harvest the surrounding flowers at this point if you want.
  • Water the seed for four days — a pink flower of either type will appear on the fourth watering

To turn in the quest, you won’t need to harvest the pink Fae Farm flower. You can leave it where it is and crossbreed it with other colours by repeating the process.

As you can see from the picture above, you don't need to follow the 9x9 step to grow a Pink Flower. Fae Farm crossbreeding works so long as there is an empty Flower Soil Bed beside to different, adjacent flowers. Follow the idea of colour theory and mixing to work out other colours.

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