How to craft signposts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A signpost within a room in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A signpost within a room in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is here with a new update, which adds a lot of fresh content to the game. There are many new things to craft as well, such as signposts. So, in this guide, we will take you through how to craft signposts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

These signs are a vital part of organising storage and decoration. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the world is your oyster, so you will be able to place them anywhere you like! You can place them in front of chests to know what’s inside or use them for aesthetic purposes. They are completely customisable as well, so we will take a look at how you can edit them once you have crafted some.

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How to craft signposts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can start crafting a signpost at any Crafting Table. You will find this recipe in the Functional Items category. It’s very easy to make one, as you only need 10 Softwood. This is one of the most readily available items in the game. You can collect loads of it simply by exploring the game map and picking up everything you see. If you are looking for some Softwood, you can find it below trees around the following areas:

  • The Plaza
  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Forest of Valor
  • Glade of Trust
How to craft signposts in Disney Dreamlight Valley functional items menu
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You will only need to look for the crafting recipe for signposts which are found under the Functional Items tab. Click Make to build and add signposts to your inventory.

Additionally, you can buy Softwood when it is in stock at Kristoff’s Stall. It won’t always be there as the items are available on a rotation basis, so keep an eye out!

How to place signs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you have the materials you need to make a Signpost, head to any crafting table and select the option. You can find them in the misc category. If you have the required materials, it will be highlighted for your convenience. Select the signpost to craft it, and it will soon be ready for use.

To place your signpost, enter the Furniture menu. You will again find it listed under the Misc category. Select the signpost and place it anywhere you wish! It takes up a 2x1 area on the ground, so you can place it in front of your chests for easy identification. To select an icon and customise your signpost, you can interact with it. There are 21 different icons to choose from.

So, now you know how to craft and place a signpost in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Don’t forget to check out our other guides on the game, such how to get moonstones as well as how to complete the Great Gathering and Fishy Business quests.

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