How to complete Fishy Business quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nala
Credit: YouTube JayShockblast

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nala
Credit: YouTube JayShockblast

The Fishy Business quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a captivating task that can assist you in increasing your friendship level with Nala. With our guide, you'll be able to complete this mission easily and swiftly.

To successfully finish this quest, you'll need to complete several objectives, including taking a photo of the enigmatic rift, locating three statues of lionesses, and capturing a weird fish. Further details on how to accomplish these tasks can be found below!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishy Business walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nala
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Credit: YouTube JayShockblast

You need to follow the next steps in order to finish the Fishy Business quest:

  • Proceed to Dazzle Beach and locate the blue lioness figurine. You may unearth it in the sand close to the raft.
  • Once you have uncovered the blue statue of a lioness, a peculiar purple mystical glow will appear above the water. Take a photo of this glow and show it to Nala.

During your conversation with Nala, she will instruct you to find two additional lioness statuettes, one purple and one orange. Below are the locations you must visit and the spots where the artefacts are hidden:

  • In Frost Heights, in the middle of the winter biome, you will discover a purple lioness statue near the bridge.
  • The second lioness statue (orange) can be found in the Glade of Trust location.

After discovering the lioness statues, inform Nala about your findings.

  • Once you've spoken to Nala, she will direct you to Goofy's house, where you can find him and continue the quest. Once you engage in conversation with him, he will reveal that he spotted a Weird Fish while fishing in the vicinity of Dazzle Beach.
  • Now, proceed to the location where Goofy was fishing. As you approach the area, you will notice yellow bubbles above the water near the mystical rift. This is where you must catch the Weird Fish.
  • After collecting all the quest items, which include the three lioness statues and the Weird Fish, you must give them to Ursula. Consult with her to uncover the secrets behind the items you have collected.
  • After talking to Ursula and acquiring all the required information, return to Nala and share everything you have learned. Once you have completed this, the Fishy Business quest will be finished, and you will receive a reward of 510 experience points, which will elevate your friendship with Nala to level 4.

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