How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins fast

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Earning Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins fast via crafting.
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If you're playing the game and looking into how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins fast, this is what you should know. Being one of the game's most important resources, you may want to get lots from the start of the game. Luckily, you won't really need to hoard them for a while.

In this, we will go over how to get star coins fast, how to sell your items for coins and what you should do with them once you have them. Unlike Scrooge McDuck, you don't really benefit from hoarding them all.


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How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins fast

Star coins can be grabbed in a few major ways. Perhaps the best way of doing so is by doing the game's quests. They will give you more of the map to explore and more items to use.

Once you start the game, you are better off just playing through what you can, before you start hoarding coins. Early recipes won't get you much and you will end up filling your inventory too fast.


Once you have started to do the game's quests, you will unlock a pickaxe. Using this on the stones will sometimes get you new recipes and collectibles but, most importantly, they will drop these gems. They can be sold for a high price.

How to get star coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to sell items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins fast, the best person to sell your items to is Goofy.


To unlock him and his store, grab the pickaxe near Scrooge McDuck. Use this pickaxe to break the rocks at the nearby stairs. You can use Goofy to rebuild a fishing rod in the nearby pond. You don't need to do this to set up the stall but it's worth doing early on.

After you have spoken to Goofy, talk to Scrooge McDuck again and he will challenge you to get Goofy's store up and running again. From here, you can sell anything in your inventory to him. He won't have too many things at the start but you can spend coins to upgrade his store later on.

What to spend Disney Dreamlight Valley star coins on

There are so many things to spend coins on. If you continue to do Scrooge's quests, you will unlock the option to upgrade your house with them. As well as this, you can buy new furniture in Scrooge's Store.


You can also buy produce off goofy or use your funds to upgrade your backpack. This will let you carry more every time you leave the house. Star coins are one of the most important currencies in the game and necessary to advance. Make sure to pick up as much as you can and sell it on to get a nice bank of money.

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