Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can location - how to water plants

Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can location

Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can location

If you're looking for information on the Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can, this is what you should know. Being one of the game's most crucial tools, you can get it in just a few minutes if you know where to look.

In this piece, we'll go over where you need to go to find the Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can, how to use it and how to regain energy to use on crops, recipes and harvesting. Energy is the game's most valuable resource and the watering can is needed to restore your energy fast.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can location

To get the Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can, you first have to get past the first main tutorial.

After talking to Merlin, you will be informed about the thorns around the valley. You have to clear one out and go into your house. From here, clear the thorns from the house and you are free to start walking around.

In your garden, you will see tonnes of thorns. Go to the side of the house and clear out a patch next to two barrels, and the watering can will be there for you to add to your toolbox.

Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can location
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How to use the Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can

Once you have the Disney Dreamlight Valley watering can unlocked, you will be able to find and use it by clicking RT.

This will show a toolbelt with a shovel, pickaxe, fishing rod, and watering can. You have to unlock all of these to use them, so the watering can will likely be the first you'll add to this radial interface.

Once you have clicked on it, press X to use it. Generally speaking, you are supposed to use the watering can on crops around the valley. You can plant crops from your inventory, but you have to water them for them to be harvestable. Unfortunately, you need enough energy to use it. More on that below.

How to regain energy

Energy is used to do almost everything in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Luckily, Merlin will give you a chest when you finish the tutorial.

You can click Y to go into your inventory, where you can open it up. This will come with a handful of "chocolate chip cookies". These will fully refill your energy and give you an extra half a bar to use. They are worth quite a lot of coins so you could opt to sell them instead if you don't need energy right away.

Any meals you cook can also be eaten for some energy. You can find this in the pause menu. You will continue to unlock recipes as you go through the game so make them and eat them to keep on going. This being said, you can always wait for energy to restore itself by going into your home.

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