Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing rod location and how to fish

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Rod Location
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September 8, 2022: We simplified the guide to make finding the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing rod location a little easier.

Now that you're playing the game, you may be wondering where the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing rod location is. Luckily, it can be grabbed very early on and is one of the game's most important tools. You need this to get past the main tutorial.


As well as going where you can find it, we go over how to fix it, what you should do to use it, and some general tips to restore your energy and get out there again. There are plenty of little things you should be aware of going into the game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing rod location

Getting to the fishing rod may take you a little while. It's actually found in the second main biome of the game, which is blocked off by some pesky rocks for some time.


You'll find the area just by looking for a lower area in the distance. A staircase will take you down to the spot, but you'll notice the rocks on each of the three pathways as you go down.

To get through, you need to find the Disney Dreamlight Valley pickaxe and break through the stones. After that, you just need to head down the centre path, take a right, and follow the path again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Rod Location

You'll soon come across a Broken Fishing Rod by a small pod. Pick it up and take it to Goofy's house - which you should be able to see against the main center path you turned off to get there.


Head inside, have a little chat with Goofy, and give him the Broken Fishing Rod. As it turns out, it's his Lucky Fishing Rod that he misplaced. He'll remove the seaweed that's clogging it, pocket that one for himself, and give you another he had been using in the interim instead.

And, with that, you'll have access to the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing rod.

How to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, simply press RT and find the fishing rod. You don't need to equip it, the game will automatically add it to your toolbelt. From here, go to any pool of water and look for bubbles. They indicate you can fish in a spot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Rod Location

From here, go up to the spot and hold X. Let go of the X in the right spot and you will start fishing. After a little while, it will prompt you to press A to catch the fish. You will then have to wait until the outside ring hits the right spot and press A again. You may have to do this a few times to get the fish. Blue spots tend to have rarer fish than white spots.

How to get energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Energy is needed to fish, mine, harvest, and pretty much anything else. Luckily, there are tonnes of ways of getting it.

You get your energy restored from standing in your home so you could always wait to play it again. If you aren't interested in this, you can eat things you cook. You can't eat raw ingredients but if you turn them into something with a stove in your house, you can eat them to keep going a little longer.


If you don't have recipes or ingredients to restore your energy, Merlin will give you a chest after you beat the first tutorial. Open this up to find some cookies. You can eat them to fully restore your energy and even add a little bit of extra energy.

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