How to make a Bug Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Characters at the beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the latest update, you may be looking to know how to make a Bug Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Given the game is filled with interesting new quests and mystical objectives, you may struggle a little.

In this, we go over everything you need to know about the Bug Platter, from how to make it to what it is used for. Given it is an important part of a new quest, many new players are struggling to figure it out.

How to make a Bug Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Disney Dreamlight Valley Bug Platter, you simply need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Colorful Bugs - You can find these in the Dried-Out Oasis in the Lion King realm. They can be a bit hard to spot as you have to dig them up from dig spots. If you don't find them at these dig spots, wait for them to respawn and try it again. You will get one eventually!
  • 2 Red Bugs - These can find found in the jungle location within the Lion King area. You can use your shovel to get them here too. Just keep going into this area and leaving to respawn everything and try again.
  • 1 Slimy Bug - Slimy bugs can be earned by fishing in the Lion King world. Luckily, as there's so much to fish, this should happen pretty quickly.

Once you have all these ingredients, cook them at any place you're able to cook in order to finish the recipe off. It will give you a five-star recipe, so it's well worth the effort. You need this for the Eyes in the Dark quest, so hold on to it until you find the perfect time to use it.

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