Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto update details - New villagers, outfits, and items

A DDV character with Mirabel from Encanto.

A DDV character with Mirabel from Encanto.

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February 2023 finally sees the world of Encanto enter Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Animal Crossing-like will welcome characters, outfits, and items from the 2021 animated movie throughout the month, which should stick around just like any other world the game has added since launch. Here's what to expect with the DDV Encanto update.

Teased long before its arrival, the latest word from the DDV grapevine comes coutesy of a post on the Disney Parks website, which used the announcement to plug a load of merchandise options you can pick up to enjoy alongside the impending update. The Wonder of Encanto update is the game's third major patch, and is available for free to anyone with access to the game already.

For a little more Disney magic, check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley realms list. If you're waiting for the F2P update, paying attention to the list is one way to learn which worlds will be available when you play. And if you're playing already, it's never too late to learn how to get DDV star coins fast.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 3 release date - Wonder of Encanto

All we know about the Wonder of Encanto release date for Disney Dreamlight Valley right now is that it'll arrive sometime in February. We'll likely learn the actual release date at least a few days before it lands, so don't sit there anticipating some shadow drop like Hi-Fi Rush.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto character - Who's the new villager for update 3?

Mirabel Madrigal, the main character of Encanto, will enter Disney Dreamlight Valley with update 3 - a fitting choice for the Wonder of Encanto patch.

In case you haven't seen the movie, she's the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín Madrigal. She has two sisters, Isabela and Luisa. She's the only one in her family to miss out on their magical gift, which eventually sends her on an adventure to save it, learning all about the difficulties the family has faced in the process.

Maribel's house, or Casita, will also appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley as her own home. It's a reimagined version dubbed the Mini-Casita, but it's sure to include many of the same quirks as its movie counterpart.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 3 quests - Wonder of Encanto Family Magic Token quest details

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Though it was name-dropped in the update blog, we don't yet know the finer details of the upcoming Family Magic Token quest. We'll add what we know when we know it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto zone and biome

When the DDV Encanto update drops in February, you'll be able to take a stroll through the Frosted Heights biome. Expect a bit of a quest chain there to put to rest any issues Mirabel might have and properly introduce her to your quaint little town.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto Star Path

Also revealed in the recent roadmap was the next Star Path. Set to arrive alongside the Encanto update in February, it's all about celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney. The platinum-coloured Mickey hat looks to be just one of the rewards you'll be able to aim for.

Though the details are light, we'll work to update this page as we inch closer to release. Once the update is out, expect a long list of characters, quests, items, and how-tos to get through the whole set of tweaks and additions that come with the patch.

For even more Disney Dreamlight Valley details, check out the DDV update countdown. And if you're new to the game, learn how to upgrade your DDV house and solve the valley cave puzzle. Some of them can be a little tricky.

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