Disney Dreamlight Valley update - new content and patch notes

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley castle.

A Disney Dreamlight Valley update was pushed mere hours after the game was released. Far beyond a typical 'day one' patch we've all come to expect from modern video games, this one was more of a bug fix. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be looking forward to the next update.

Any Disney Dreamlight Valley update from now on could be a major content patch. The game is only in an Early Access period for those willing to pay for the privilege, with the eventual 1.0 release set to make the game free for everyone and far more content-rich to boot. So let's talk about that.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley update details

The first noteworthy Disney Dreamlight Valley update to arrive landed on September 7, 2022 just a few hours after the game game released. You wouldn't know it by simply loading up the game on your Nintendo Switch, but it was a console-specific update designed to fix a couple of issues players reported with the game.

According to the game's official Twitter feed, the first Disney Dreamlight Valley update fixed the 'Switch Loading Issue.' This particular bug meant that some Nintendo Switch players were "running into issues loading the game during certain hours."

Prior to this, a bunch of other Disney Dreamlight Valley updates went out to fix Founder's Packs not appearing in the mailboxes of Nintendo Switch players, a filtering issue when choosing a name for your character, Cloud Saves taking too long to create due to launch congestion, and wardrobe issues for those who ported over a character from the avatar maker released earlier in the year.

When is the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update?


Though we don't know exactly when the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update will be, we're certain it won't be the one to add any new content to the game. If you're already waiting for a new realm or event to add new experiences to the early access version, this won't be it.

On Twitter, in a long thread of bugfixes, it was stated that the ability to change your name would arrive with an "upcoming update."

No timeframe was given, but because the need arose from an issue regarding name filtering which stopped players from choosing their preffered name, it's easy to understand why the feature would be prioritized and fast-tracked beyond any proper content updates.

How do I get the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update?

If you're aware that a new Disney Dreamlight Valley update has dropped and you're currently playing the game, just close it. Go back to your console's home screen, hover over the game icon, and press the button prompt to close the game.

After that, it'll either download the update automatically if enabled, or you'll have to tap the button typically to the top centre-right of your controller to open up the game-specific menu. From there, you should see an option to check for updates.

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