Disney Dreamlight Valley realms list - When is the new realm coming out?

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story realm
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September 11, 2022: Turns out the Lion King realm should be arriving before the Toy Story realm in early Fall, with the latter arriving later in the season.

Disney Dreamlight Valley realms are few and far between right now, but that's all set to change as more are introduced throughout the months and years ahead. In its October launch, Disney Dreamlight Valley arrived as a paid early access title with a F2P future in its sights.


Until that day arrives in 2023, Disney Dreamlight Valley will continue adding new realms to expand its magical life sim story, and we're going to chronicle the lot as they're announced. With one new one announced mere days after the game's release, we could be looking at more content than we initially thought.

For more on the game, we've got you covered with the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes list. You'll learn how to make crudites and ratatouille in that one, which is key to completing a bunch of important quests. And if you're just getting started, here's how to find the fishing rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley realms

Here's a quick list of the currently available Disney Dreamlight Valley realms:

  • Frozen
  • Ratatouille
  • Moana
  • Wall-E

More Disney Dreamlight Valley realms are confirmed, but we're going to focus on the first we know to arrive.

What is the next new Disney Dreamlight Valley realm?


Announced at the D23 Expo just days after the release of the base game, Toy Story Realm was named as the first post-release content patch for the game.

With the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Realm being the next to arrive, that means we'll be running errands for Woody, Buzz, and who knows how many more of the other creative characters that series birthed.

Rex? Slinky Dog? Jessie? That pizza delivery guy from the first one? Sid but specifically from the part of that Monsters, Inc. comic when he uses the door-traveling tech to break into kids bedrooms and steal their toys to presumably torment them and feed his dog that's likely filled with more microplastics than the ocean? That happened.

When is the new Disney Dreamlight Valley realm coming?

The original announcement only mentioned that the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story realm would arrive sometime in Fall 2022.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Realm details

Through a mixture of in-game footage and a detailed blog post, we know a decent amount about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story realm.

In it, you'll shrink down to toy size to accompany Buzz and Woody around Bonnie's room, solving quests for the duo as you go. In completing their three quests, you'll learn how to be a good toy (yes) and unlock them both for your valley.

By completing additional activities and gifting them items, you'll be able to level up your Woody and Buzz friendship levels to unlock more. Beyond watching them interact with their much taller Disney alumni, you'll learn a lot by chatting to them as well.

Will the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Ream DLC be free?

Something that hasn't been made abundantly clear is whether or not the Toy Story Realm will be free for early access players or not. Though it doesn't necceisaryliy mean "paid", the term "DLC" used here generally means a paid expansion of some sorts.

Though the better choice of wording would simply have been "update" we suspect the new content will be free for anyone who already has access to the game whether that's through a paid Founder's Pack or through a subscription service like Game Pass.


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