Where is the Cash Register Key location in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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The character is in a beautiful park in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Mirabel is one of the newest characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and she has some cool quests to complete. One of them requires you to find the Cash Register Key that belongs to Scrooge. So, this guide will tell you where the Cash Register Key location is in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This quest is quite problematic, because you will need to dig up this key. Today we help you find the exact place where it can be dug, so you can complete the quest and bag some rewards


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Where is the Cash Register Key location in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Once Mirabel comes to your village, you can interact with her and she will give you some quests. One of these tasks starts because of a conflict between Scrooge and Donald Duck. These two have a fight because of a lost Cash Register Key. So, you and Mirabel will need to find it.

According to the information you receive from Mirabel, Donald, and Scrooge, the Cash Register Key was stolen by a raccoon. So, if you want to find it, then you just need to follow the next steps:

  • Go to the Forest of Valor.
  • Head to the house of Anna and Kristoff.
  • Search for a small pile of dirt that sticks out of the ground and has shiny particles.
  • Dig this pile of dirt.
  • Get the Cash Register Key.

The most problematic thing with this quest is that such piles of dirt can be encountered everywhere in the Forest of Valor. However, it is quite easy to find the pile with the key if you know where to search. Just keep trying until you get the right one!

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