How to get Fiend Rose in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

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Diablo 4 giant fiend enemy
July 6, 2023: Diablo 4 Season 1 is just around the corner, so check out how to get the Fiend Rose with our guide.

Let’s cover how to get Fiend Rose in Diablo 4. While the game is rich in its class system, combat, and lore, a core component of the game is its items. The availability of these items and resources depends on their rarity. If you're struggling to acquire one rare end-game item, Fiend Rose, our guide is for you.

Fiend Rose is a strong gear-altering item in Diablo 4 that can enchant your weapons and armour. While its usability may not be your concern throughout the early stages of your adventure, its value becomes more apparent by the end game. With this guide, you’ll be able to stock up on Fiend Rose and enhance the worth of your legendary equipment.

How to get Fiend Rose in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

The best way to acquire Fiend Rose is by participating in the Diablo 4 Helltide events. These events unlock once you’ve reached World Tier 3: Nightmare Difficulty. This means you should at least be level 50 before the Helltide events appear in your game.

Once you unlock the Helltide event in your game, they will cause stronger enemies to appear throughout the world. Not only will the environment of the Sanctuary change, but you will also face off against more formidable foes. Along this Helltide terrain, you’ll come across toxic plants that can be cut down to harvest Fiend Rose in Diablo 4. Furthermore, the XP, gold, and other rewards you receive during these events will be increased as well.

That said, you can certainly find Fiend Rose outside of the mentioned events. Due to the rarity of the item, the chances are slim, but you can come across a few while looting treasure chests, or by playing PvE. However, keep in mind that the most efficient way to farm Fiend Rose is by progressing through the game and unlocking Helltide events.

Diablo 4 helltide dungeon
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How to use Fiend Rose in Diablo 4

By the end game, you want to have Legendary equipment in your arsenal with strong affixes enchanted to them. Fiend Rose is the key ingredient you require to enchant special affixes to your weapons and armour, enhancing their stats.

Keep in mind that the affixes enchanted to your equipment are random, and their significance is RNG-based. So, without enough of the Fiend Rose in your inventory, you may be left with Legendary gear with worthless stats, reducing their value and making them less viable than lower-tier equipment.

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