Diablo 4 trading guide - How to trade items

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Diablo 4 promotional artwork.
July 19, 2023: With season one arriving, we have gone over our trading information.

Trading in Diablo 4 is a key feature, as you can get some top-quality gear from it. You can also use the system to earn gold by selling elixirs or rare gear.

Blizzard Entertainment has implemented some restrictions that you need to be aware of when trading with other players. Not all items are tradable, and the currencies that you can trade are also restricted. Our Diablo 4 trading guide will help you understand how the system works and when you should use it!

How to use the Diablo 4 trading menu in Season 1

Diablo 4 has dedicated chat channels that you can use to trade with other players. You can use the channels to browse live trade offers, or sell your items. The game allows you to join or invite other players to initiate a trade. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Browse the trade chat to find items that you want to purchase, or put up a listing of your own.
  2. Once you find someone that you want to trade with, click on their name and invite them to your party.
  3. When two players are in the same party, they are put in the same World State.
  4. Meet up with the other player in-game and open the Action Wheel > click on “Invite to Trade”.
  5. After the recipient of the invite accepts the request to trade, the trading menu will open.
  6. You can now add items to the trade window.
  7. When both parties are satisfied with the items, they can click on the Lock in Offer menu.
  8. Both players need to click on the Lock in Offer button to complete the trade.

If any player changes the items that are added to the offer, the Lock in Offer button will need to be clicked again, which makes it difficult for players to scam you by giving you the wrong items. You are also not allowed to trade items that are equipped, so make sure you unequip any item that you want to trade before initiating a trade request.

All tradeable items in Diablo 4

Here is a list of everything that you can trade in Diablo 4:

  • Common Items
  • Magic Items
  • Rare Items
  • Elixirs
  • Gems
  • Gold
A battle against skeletons in progress in Diablo 4.
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All non-tradeable items in Diablo 4

Not every item or currency is tradeable in Diablo 4. Here is a list of everything that is not available in the trade menu:

  • Legendary Items
  • Enchanted Items
  • Quest Items
  • Unique Items
  • All currencies except Gold

What currency should you trade for in Diablo 4?

Gold is the go-to currency to trade for in Diablo 4, if both players are not exchanging items. You buy or sell items in exchange for gold, and the prices are going to be dictated by the market.

What items should you trade in Diablo 4?

Items that you should be trading include:

Rare Gear

With Legendary and Unique items not being tradeable, players will naturally gravitate towards rare gear when trading in Diablo 4. But, you might be wondering why would players want to purchase rare gear. It is because the gear can be imprinted to become legendary and you can use them in the endgame.

Look for gear with stats like Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, and Life. These are universal stats that a lot of players will be looking for, so if you have some extra pieces lying around, you can make a fair bit of gold from your trades.


You can consider buying elixirs if you do not actively farm for them. Once the Diablo 4 trading community settles down with their prices, you should be able to pick up important elixirs for fairly cheap. You can also sell off excess elixirs for some gold.

Before you trade items, remember that finding the perfect gear in the market is very difficult with countless players competing with you. Waiting for the gear you want to show up in the trade chat can take an incredible amount of time and we recommend only purchasing items that you absolutely need.


How to trade safely in Diablo 4

The trading market of any game can be cut-throat, and there are countless scams that take place as well. If you are new to trading in games, here are some things that you need to know.

Always check the items that your trade partner adds to the trade menu. There are instances of players replacing items right before a trade is approved. If you ever notice players removing and re-adding items, cross-check the stats of the gear to ensure you are not getting duped.

If your trade partner asks you to drop an item, you should never listen to them. Most of the time, it is going to be a scam and you will not be paid for your item. Always use the trading menu for all trades, and if you sense something wrong, simply back out of the trade.

Never share any personal information or trade via third-party websites for real money. Trying to make real money off of the game can lead to bans, and you should limit yourself to the in-game trading system only.

That is all you need to know about trading in Diablo 4. For more content, consider checking out our guide on how to reset dungeons in Diablo 4. We also have an in-depth customisation guide in case you want to make your characters look cooler. For a bit more, here's what you should sell in Diablo 4.

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