What does Injured mean in Diablo 4 Season one?

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Diablo 4 Injured status effect
September 20 - We've collected everything about being Injured in Diablo 4.

Injured in Diablo 4 is a Status Effect that triggers when a player or enemy is below a certain Life threshold. Four out of the five classes in Diablo 4 have skills that synergise with Injured and Healthy.

The Injured Status Effect is complemented by Healthy, which requires the player or enemies to be above a certain Life threshold. Skills like Rogue’s exploit deal bonus damage to enemies that are Healthy or Injured.

What does Injured do in Diablo 4?

The Injured Status Effect in Diablo 4 is triggered when a player or enemy is below 35% health. Similarly, a player or enemy is considered Healthy when their Life is above 80% health. There are four classes that can take advantage of these effects, and you can pull off some crazy synergies with them.

Best Diablo 4 Injured gear affixes

Here are the gear affixes that you can get which modify Injured damage:

  • Damage to Injured Enemies
  • Lucky Hit - Chance to Execute Injured Non-Elites
  • Damage Reduction when Injured

Diablo 4 Injured and Healthy - All skills

There are skills that complement each other based on when players or enemies are Injured or Healthy. Here is a list of all skills that can take advantage of the status effect.


  • Lunging Strike with Enhanced Lunging Strike - Lunging Strike deals 30% increased damage and Heals you for 2% Maximum Life (33) when it damages a Healthy enemy.
  • Slaying Strike - You deal 7.5% increased damage against Injured enemies.


  • Pulverize with Enhanced Pulverize - Your next Pulverize will Overpower every 12 seconds while you remain Healthy.
  • Ursine Strength - Gain 20% additional Maximum Life while in Werebear form and for 3 seconds after leaving Werebear form. While Healthy, deal 30% increased damage.


  • Acolyte's Haemorrhage - Haemorrhage gains an additional 20% Attack Speed while Healthy.
  • Paranormal Blood Surge - If an enemy is damaged by Blood Surge's nova while you are Healthy, then gain one stack of Overwhelming Blood. When you have five stacks of Overwhelming Blood, your next Blood Surge Overpowers.
  • Coalesced Blood - While Healthy your Blood Skills deal 6% increased damage.
  • Tides of Blood - Your Blood Skills deal 5% increased Overpower damage. This bonus is doubled while you are Healthy.
  • Inspiring Leader - After you have been Healthy for at least 4 seconds, you and your Minions gain 4% Attack Speed.
  • Rathma's Vigor - Increase your Maximum Life by 10%. After being Healthy for 15 seconds, your next Blood Skill Overpowers.


  • Exploit - You deal 6% increased damage to Healthy and Injured enemies.
  • Primary Invigorating Strike - Invigorating Strike additionally grants 8% Lucky Hit Chance. Hitting a Crowd Controlled or Injured enemy increases this bonus to 16% Lucky Hit Chance.
  • Enhanced Shadow Imbuement - You have 15% increased Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement.


  • Hydra - While Healthy, your casts of Hydra gain one additional head.
  • Inner Flames - Pyromancy Skills deal increased damage while healthy.
  • Crippling Flames - Pyromancy Skills have an increased chance to immobilise targets when Healthy.

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