How to use stasis in Dead Space remake

Isaac in Dead Space Remake
January 26, 2023: Dead Space remake launches tomorrow so we have checked through our information

Dead Space is a pretty tough game, filled with horrible creatures. If you want to use stasis in Dead Space remake, this is everything we know so far. We will be using what we know about the game and what we have picked up from playing the original, though some of this could change at launch.

In this Dead Space remake guide, we'll explain how to use stasis, as well as when you should use it, how to recharge it, and how to upgrade it. Stasis can be an incredibly important mechanic if you use it right.

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How to use stasis in Dead Space remake

If you want to use stasis, you first have to aim with one of the triggers or the right-click button. From here, you have to click square on PlayStation or X on the Xbox controller. You unlock it near the very start of the game and it will slow objects and enemies down, making them easier to kill.

You can go into the game's settings and change these controls, but this is how to work them at the very start of the game.

Isaac approaching the USG Ishimura in Dead Space Remake
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How to recharge stasis in Dead Space remake

In the original Dead Space game, you had to use stasis packs from the main menu or recharge stations littered throughout the game to recharge your stasis. Then, in Dead Space 2 and 3, it was changed to slowly fill up when outside of combat. We don't currently know which of these two approaches the Dead Space remake will take just yet.

This being said, it's a pretty faithful recreation of the original, so it seems likely it will stay the same as the first game. There is no way to activate the stasis pack from a shortcut like a medpack, so they might implement this change. We'll update you right here if they make any drastic changes to how this system works.

How to upgrade stasis in Dead Space remake

If you want to upgrade your stasis in the Dead Space remake, you first have to find power nodes. These are uncommon resources found throughout the game. They can be used to upgrade your weapons, RIG, stasis, and can be used to unlock some rooms. You can also buy them from the shop. They are an incredibly valuable resource that can make the game significantly easier for you.

Once you have found a power node and want to use it on your stasis module, find one of the many benches. Go there and you can use it to upgrade your stasis. Generally speaking, you should be upgrading your health and stasis module infrequently. Don't push all of your resources into them, but make sure they are topped up every now and then. You want to upgrade most of your weapons and RIG together.

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