Can you save Hammond in Dead Space remake?

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Isaac looking at Hammond locked in a room in the Dead Space remake.
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Players who have completed the original game will no doubt be wondering whether you can save Hammond in the Dead Space remake. He's one of three crew members who battles the necromorphs alongside Isaac Clarke, but as you may guess, his fate is a grim one.

In this Dead Space remake guide, we'll explain whether you can save Hammond in the new game. Since there are a number of changes in the remake, it's no surprise that questions are arising about Hammond's fate.


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Can you save Hammond in the Dead Space remake?

Sadly, you cannot save Hammond in the Dead Space remake. His gruesome murder at the hands of a brute, with Isaac unable to help due to some handily placed indestructible glass, is a key driver of the game's plot.

In the 2008 game, this happens while Isaac is in the engine room. Your job is to take the Singularity Core that powers the eerie ship. Once you do so, a pre-determined set piece takes place, where a monsters grabs Hammond and kills him.


There's no way to prevent this, making Hammond's story a fairly sad one. Once you take the core from the engine room, all power to other doors and escape routes is locked off, meaning you can't run around to try and fight the brute yourself.

This is exactly how it goes in the remake, which isn't a surprise. This ground-up reworking from Motive Studios looks like it'll retell the first game's story very faithfully, without major narrative changes. Given the core of survival horror is isolation, it wouldn't make sense for Isaac to have Hammond accompany him throughout the nightmare.

Therefore, don't grow too attached to Hammond once the Dead Space remake launches. Just as in the original, he'll meet a grisly end.


That's it for our look at whether you can save Hammond in the Dead Space remake! While you're here, feel free to also read up on everything we'd like to see in a potential Dead Space 4 release.