How to unlock hidden ending in Dead Space remake

Isaac Clarke shimmying past a shiny mound of flesh in the Dead Space remake.
January 27, 2023: Dead Space remake is out now. We have checked through our information

When the credits roll on the Dead Space remake, you're far from finished. Yes, Isaac Clarke's intergalactic nightmare isn't where his story ends in the flashy next-gen remake of the 2008 horror hit. As such, this is how to unlock the Dead Space remake hidden ending.

In this guide, we'll explore everything we know about the bonus secret ending in the Dead Space remake. That includes how to unlock it, as well as exactly what it contains. Given two games canonically take place after this one, it's not hard to guess what'll happen!

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How to unlock the Dead Space remake hidden ending - alternate and secret ending explained

To unlock the alternate ending in the Dead Space remake, you'll firstly need to unlock the New Game Plus mode. As expected, to get this you need to beat the game in its regular story mode to start. From there you get access to New Game Plus, which you can learn more about in this guide.

When playing New Game Plus, there are twelve new collectibles to discover on the UGC Ishimura. These are called Marker Fragments, and will no doubt be much tougher to find than your regular text and audio logs.

Once you've found all twelve Marker Fragments, beat Dead Space on New Game Plus until the credits roll. Provided you've done everything right up until now, the secret hidden ending should play!

Isaac walking through an abandoned hallway in the Dead Space remake.
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What is the Dead Space remake secret ending?

Sadly, we don't yet know what the alternate ending of the Dead Space remake will contain. Given it requires two full playthroughs, it may take a little while for even the most hardened Dead Space players to uncover.

That said, we can take a fairly good guess at what this ending could contain. Expect a teaser on the secret cult that underpin plenty of the base game's events, and one last look at Isaac before the events of Dead Space 2.

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