Dead Space 4 - News and what we'd love to see

Isaac floating through space in Dead Space 3.

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Among all horror developers, there's one studio that created a truly scary and interesting series of sci-fi horror games. Of course, we're talking about Visceral Games and their Dead Space series. For this reason, many players around the world are curious about Dead Space 4 news.

Dead Space is an incredibly frightening survival horror game in which players control Isaac Clarke, fighting hordes of monsters that were once human. A total of three Dead Space games have been released, alongside a 2023 remake of the original. Although reception to the third part was not the best, players are still waiting for Dead Space 4. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you everything we know about the possible release of Dead Space 4 and what we would love to see in it.

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Multiple characters including Isaac fighting in Dead Space 3.
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Dead Space 4 news

Unfortunately, there is no information about Dead Space 4 so far. Many fans will not be upset by this fact, since for them the series died after the third part.

However, there's certainly room for the story to continue. At the end of Dead Space 3's Awakened DLC, we see how the Earth falls prey to the Brethren Moons. Despite his best efforts, Isaac couldn't stop it. The DLC ends with the Brethren Moon appearing right in front of the protagonist's ship.

While this is an open ending, many fans consider this the end of the Dead Space series. Everything that Isaac wanted to save has been destroyed, and he no longer needs to fight against the Markers and Moons.

So instead of trying to make a sequel, EA decided to invest in a Dead Space remake. The game is scheduled to release in 2023. We hope that in the remake much will remain from the original Visceral Games title.

Isaac aiming a weapon in Dead Space 3.
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The success of Dead Space

Visceral Games, formerly known as EA Redwood Shores, released Dead Space in 2008. This was the beginning of one of the most popular horror series in the gaming world.

The first game takes place in 2508, when mankind has mastered space flight and began to travel throughout the galaxy. Since the resources on Earth have long since been exhausted, people use ships called Planetcrackers to collect resources from dead planets. The story tells us about Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the Kellion. His ship discovers the missing Ishimura Planetcrackers on the planet Aegis VII. On Ishimura, he faces the resurrected dead, also known as Necromorphs. They come in many forms and resemble the people they once were.

Visceral Games made the game very scary. At any moment from the ventilation or around the corner, you could be attacked by a Necromorph. What's more, Necromorphs that have already been killed can come back to life. All this creates a tense atmosphere, even though Isaac has weapons.

Speaking of weapons, he initially only has the Plasma Cutter. It is not a weapon since the main character is an engineer, not a soldier. But to survive, you will have to use everything you have. Fortunately, the Plasma Cutter is very effective against Necromorphs, as it can cut off their limbs, making them less dangerous and slowing them down.

After the success of Dead Space, the studio released two more games. Players also liked Dead Space 2, but the same cannot be said about the third part. Fans blame publisher EA for adding micro-transactions to the game and making Dead Space 3 look too action-packed. But what about the fourth game in the series?

Isaac fighting alongside a co-op partner in Dead Space 3.
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What we'd love to see in Dead Space 4

Although EA has not officially announced the development of Dead Space 4, it may do so after the remake release. If the remake does well, it could signal a desire to continue the overall story. Below, we have collected five things we would like to see in Dead Space 4.

Original Dead Space weapon system

In Dead Space 3, players have a fairly large arsenal of weapons, including an upgraded version of the Plasma Cutter. However, all of them worked poorly. In the original game, each weapon was suited to certain situations, and you had to use them all to survive. This is what we want to see in Dead Space 4.

Meaning in dismemberment

The Plasma Cutter is the hallmark of the Dead Space series. This engineering tool was not created as a weapon, but in the battle with Necromorphs, all means are good. Fans love this weapon because the Cutter can brutally dismember opponents. It not only looks spectacular, but is also useful for slowing down opponents. However, this did not work in Dead Space 3. Therefore, it would be cool to bring this feature back into the new game.

More horror

We love the Dead Space series for the fear and tension we feel as we make our way through the blood-stained corridors. So we don't want Dead Space 4 to have as much unnecessary action as the third game. After all, the scarier the game, the more interesting it is.

Good old Isaac

We had to survive against hundreds of monsters in the first two games. While not prepared for this, Isaac, of course, was afraid of them, but did everything necessary to survive. We would like to see more of Isaac in a new game of the series.

More history of Markers and Moons

Through all the games and related literature, we know quite a lot about Markers. However, many players still have a lot of questions. And so, Dead Space 4 would be a good opportunity to add new details to the universe, expanding the cult lore that pervades the games.

That's all we know so far about Dead Space 4! We hope that after the remake releases, the series will come to life again, and we will be able to see the long-awaited continuation. Until then, get your scares on with these games like The Callisto Protocol.

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