Is Dead Space remake on Game Pass?

Isaac in a dilapidated spaceship in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac in a dilapidated spaceship in the Dead Space remake.

If you want to know whether the Dead Space remake is on Game Pass, you're in the right place. This next-gen reimagining of the hit 2008 survival horror game is almost here, and those with an active subscription to Game Pass will be hoping they can play it at no extra charge. Is that a possibility?

In this Dead Space remake guide, we'll break down whether the game is set to land on Game Pass. Given the previous three mainline titles are on the service at the time of writing, it's definitely worth hoping for.

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Is the Dead Space remake on Game Pass?

As far as we know, the Dead Space remake will not be coming to Game Pass. At least, it won't be a day-one launch, unlike other titles including Hello Neighbour 2 and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

While neither Microsoft nor EA have officially ruled it out, we're just a few short weeks away from launch without any inkling of a Game Pass release. Microsoft tends to hype up its day-in-day drops fairly heavily, so we likely would've heard something by now.

Therefore, if you're a Game Pass subscriber hoping to play the Dead Space remake, you'll need to purchase the game outright. Of course, that's not to say it'll never come to Game Pass, as we'll explore below.

Isaac floating across a ruined starship in the Dead Space remake.
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Will the Dead Space remake ever come to Game Pass?

Yes, while the Dead Space remake may not launch on Game Pass, it could well arrive one day in the future. That's because EA has a deal with Microsoft to bundle EA Play subscriptions for Game Pass Ultimate owners. Therefore, a slew of EA's titles, ranging from sports games to the original Dead Space trilogy, appear on the service.

As such, it seems quite likely that once the initial release hype dies down, the Dead Space remake could then land on Game Pass. It's a great way to give a title a second lease of life, ensuring even more people check it out. However, since the game is only launching on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox One players may miss out.

That's it for our look at whether the Dead Space remake is on Game Pass! If you're looking for even more sci-fi horror games, check out these games like The Callisto Protocol. They'll ensure the scares keep coming!

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