What is the best weapon in Dead Space remake?

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Isaac Clarke in an abandoned spaceship in Dead Space.

If you want to know the best weapon in the Dead Space remake, we're here to help. Cutting through necromorphs is the only way to save Isaac Clarke from a grisly death, so it's crucial you've got the best hardware to do the job.

In this guide, we'll break down the best weapon to use in the Dead Space remake. Since the game isn't out yet, we'll base this on weapon performance in the 2008 original. On top of that, we'll list off all the weapons in the original game, so you know exactly what to expect when the remake drops.


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What is the best weapon in the Dead Space remake?

For our money, the best weapon in the Dead Space remake will be the RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper. It may not be the pound-for-pound most powerful weapon in the game, but its projectile saws are mightily powerful.

Unlocked a fair way into the story mode, the RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper fires saws as its main projectile. It has two firing modes: the first sends a remote-controlled blade, which you can move for a few seconds to wipe down enemies. The second is more rudimentary, firing off one small blade in the direction you're aiming.


In a game so squarely focused on dismembering your enemies, a buzzsaw of this nature is crucial. It'll let you swipe out a necromorph's legs, leaving them much more vulnerable to further attacks.

All Dead Space remake weapons

Of course, that isn't to say that all other weapons in the Dead Space remake aren't worth using. They all have different benefits depending on the scenario. Flamethrowers are great for mowing down especially crowded areas, while your regular Plasma Cutter is a great all-rounder that you'll use more often than not.

See the list below for all the weapons we expect to see in the Dead Space remake:

  • 211-V Plasma Cutter
  • SWS Motorised Pulse Rifle
  • RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper
  • PFM-100 Hydrogen Torch Flamethrower
  • IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun
  • C99 Supercollider Contact Beam

That's it for our look at the best weapon in the Dead Space remake! For even more intergalactic horror, check out these games like The Callisto Protocol, as well as whether we can expect a sequel any time soon.