Will there be The Callisto Protocol 2?

Jacob Lee wearing a space suit in The Callisto Protocol.

Jacob Lee wearing a space suit in The Callisto Protocol.

With the much-anticipated space survival horror game upon us, fans are already looking ahead to The Callisto Protocol 2. With all major releases these days angling towards sequels and spin-offs, it's understandable that Striking Distance Studios may aim for a Callisto-themed franchise.

In this guide, we'll look at whether a sequel to The Callisto Protocol is likely. That's based not only on what devs and key figures have said in pre-release interviews, but also whether the game itself tees up for future entries.

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Is there going to be The Callisto Protocol 2?

As it stands, a sequel to The Callisto Protocol is looking very likely. Even without considering in-game narrative beats and teases for future entries, Game Director Glen Schofield has practically confirmed it already.

In an interview with Inverse, Schofield said "I want to make a sequel... this is a complete game, but there’s a lot of ideas, cool ideas, we want to do next." As such, this likely isn't the last we'll see from this dystopian space franchise.

On top of that, the game itself leaves plenty of room for extra entries. Without going into spoilers, the ending definitely leaves some threads dangling for sequels to pick up on. If you want the juicy spoilers, check out our The Callisto Protocol ending explained guide.

Jacob being knocked down by a biophage in The Callisto Protocol.
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Which characters will be in The Callisto Protocol 2?

Of course, you may also be wondering whether all the main players in The Callisto Protocol will return for sequels or spin-offs. That remains to be seen, and will largely depends on our characters' fate in the game.

As mentioned, you can check the ending explained guide above to see who will probably return for a sequel.

Sadly, it's likely that The Callisto Protocol 2 will be a long way off. This first game entered development in 2019, taking just over three years to complete. If we judge by that same timescale, it won't be until 2025 at the very earliest that a sequel lands.

That's it for our look at whether The Callisto Protocol 2 could be on the cards! For even more on the game, check out the game's PC requirements, as well as whether it's coming to Game Pass any time soon.

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