The Callisto Protocol ending explained - Is there a post-credits scene?

A monster from the The Callisto Protocol and Jacob Lee

A monster from the The Callisto Protocol and Jacob Lee

Looking to have The Callisto Protocol ending explained to you? This new survival horror game from Striking Distance Studios isn't especially cryptic with its ending, though there are some major plot points you may want explaining. If you aren't picking the game up but want those juicy spoilers anyway, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll break down the high-octane finale of The Callisto Protocol, spelling out exactly what it means for the series going forward. On top of that, we'll take a look at whether there's a post-credits scene worth sticking around for. As you may expect, huge spoilers are below!

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The Callisto Protocol ending explained

As one last reminder, this is your spoiler warning! If you're planning on playing The Callisto Protocol, the explanation below will tell you exactly how the game ends!

Still here? Let's get into it...

Following the intense battle with the Alpha biophage - also known as Captain Leon Ferris - Jacob reclaims the sample of biophage infection that will expose Callisto's dark experiments to the world. Him and a cured Dani make their way towards escape pods in the tower, but discover there's only one left.

In a final moment of heroism, Jacob shoves Dani into the remaining pod, gives her the biophage sample, and sends her blasting off to freedom. In the meantime, the transfer between their brain chips finishes, ensuring she has all the memories and experiences Jacob went through on Callisto.

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This leaves Jacob alone at Black Iron Prison with no means of escape. All hope seems lost, until a hologram of Dr. Mahler tells him there may be a way out. That is, until the mutated Ferris screams out at Jacob once again, before the screen cuts to black.

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As such, the implication is that Jacob ultimately dies on Callisto, with Dani left to tell the world about the UJC's prisoner experimentation and the biological horrors going on at Black Iron.

Jacob fighting a biophage in The Callisto Protocol.
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Does The Callisto Protocol have a post-credits scene?

No, there isn't an extra post-credits scene in The Callisto Protocol. Once the closing credits finish, you're taken back to the main menu.

Therefore, the fates of Jacob, Dani, and Ferris are ultimately left out in the open. Since Game Director Glen Schofield already confirmed to Inverse that sequel plans are in the works, we'll likely get answers to these questions in follow-up games. Until then, fans can speculate about whether Jacob managed to defy all odds and escape Callisto unscathed.

That's it for our explanation of The Callisto Protocol's ending! If you want even more on the game, check out the PC requirements needed to play, as well as a look at whether it's coming to Game Pass any time soon.

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